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Our Washington chapters offer many opportunities for women in business, and we are always welcoming new members to our professional women’s networking group.

The inspiring leaders of our Washington chapters aim to foster a supportive network for female entrepreneurs and business leaders eager to elevate their businesses. Your membership includes rich educational opportunities, including monthly power hours and quarterly accelerators. You'll also gain exclusive access to monthly national community calls, members-only forums, and private community groups.

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We’re always welcoming new members into our networking groups for women entrepreneurs and business leaders in Washington. Get to know more about our fearless leaders below.

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Our Washington chapters warmly welcome women entrepreneurs and business leaders interested in joining a professional women’s networking group. Join a North Carolina chapter today... or contact us to start your own WBL chapter if we aren't currently in your city!


Kayla Gunderson

Vancouver Chapter Leader

I needed a financial strategy; I put myself through college, and didn't have the cash for tuition, so I had to make wise choices from the onset. I wanted an actionable plan for when I graduated; to pay off debt, provide for daily living and invest with proper diversification for my future. I knew I had the ability to create my own tailored strategy. I soon discovered in my finance classes that not only did I implicitly understand how the pieces fit together, but I also loved to talk about planning. I had uncovered my true passion for investing and the comprehensive planning process and how I could make a real impact in the lives of others by sharing this passion. As your financial advisor, the core tenet of my practice is to go beyond simply providing sound investment advice. Diversification does matter, but ultimately, a great financial strategy does not come solely from knowing investments; it comes from knowing you. Having a comprehensive understanding of your wants, needs and personal aspirations will enable me to help relieve the burden of managing your finances while offering you tailored solutions, freeing you to focus on what is most important to you.
My clients and I often have conversations you might not expect from a financial advisor. They have less to do with the details of asset allocation strategy and more to do with the details of your life. Working together, we'll review your concerns, prioritize your goals and create a strategy to help achieve the outcomes you desire. I draw on world-class research, subject matters experts and a robust investment platform to ensure all aspects of the strategy are best fit for your needs. This process allows me to develop a conservative wealth strategy aimed at helping you live comfortably today and protect a family legacy for the future.
When I do get a free moment, I enjoy hiking, hanging out with my stepchildren, fishing, listening to records, classic cars and an occasional Pacific Northwest microbrew.

Kerry Furimsky

Vancouver Chapter VP

As a local insurance brokerage, I specialize in helping families and business owners protect all the things that are the most important to them. I offer a personalized service that helps to educate my clients on the coverages they need and why they need them. With personal claims service as well as regular communication, I work to help my clients feel safe with the insurance options they have chosen.