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Accelerator: Next Level Money Mindset – Fit for Business!

June 2, 2023 @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Join Kim Ravida for 4 weeks of interactive learning and growth!

Owning your own business or being responsible for your book of business is both exhilarating and exhausting. So much goes into creating a successful, profitable business. One of the most important aspects is your money mindset.

In this Next Level Money Mindset – Fit for Business Accelerator you will learn:

  • to identify and overcome limiting beliefs and negative self-talk about money
  • develop a growth mindset when it comes to finances
  • understand the connection between your mindset and your financial success

When you can overcome your obstacles, identify your money personality and see how it affects your financial decisions, how past experiences and upbringing shape your attitudes toward money and see the role your emotions play in money management and decision-making, you’ll be able to improve your relationship with money. And break the cycle of scarcity to develop your abundance mindset. The psychology of money plays a big role for you as a business owner and when you have a strong money mindset, it can lead you to increased business success and growth.

Money mindset refers to the set of beliefs, attitudes, and emotions you have about money and your financial situation. Developing a positive money mindset can help you overcome financial challenges and achieve your money goals.

Have you joined our previous Money Mindset Accelerators?  That’s ok, new and exciting content will be shared!

Session Dates: 6/2, 6/9, 6/16, 6/23 from 12-1 pm est

This accelerator will be led by member and business coach, Kim Ravida.

Please note that ticket sales will end 24 hours before the event in order to create the best materials, experience, and communication possible for you before, during, and after the event. Thank you!

Please note this is a Member Only Offering. Interested in joining? Complete this form so we can get in touch.

About Kim Ravida:

Kim Ravida is a Business Coach who works with heart-centered small and solo business owners who want to build and grow a business in ways that make their hearts sing. Kim’s Fit for Business Programs help her clients navigate through the many steps of getting started, growing, and sustaining a business they enjoy while having a life they love. Her philosophy is you have a life with a business, not a business with maybe a life. Kim works with her clients focusing on key business elements which she considers the heartbeat of a business. She calls them BPMs, Business Planning and Operations, Profitability and Marketing. They are structured to support healthy and consistent business growth and success. You can learn more about Kim here.