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Power Hour: FLY with Confidence – Leveraging Your Superpower

July 18, 2022 @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Learn practical tips to build your confidence.

Have you ever used the phrase, “Why can’t I just…?” No matter what followed “just”, at the root of it was probably a lack of confidence in your ability to get “it” done or get “it” right! Or maybe you’ve said, “It’s not good enough, or it just won’t work?”

I’m sure most have at one time or another. And guess what, don’t feel bad for having those thoughts. BUT what you want to avoid is allowing those thoughts to stop you from pursuing whatever you desire to accomplish! Once you accept that the more confidence you have in you, the more people will too!

We Will Discuss:

  • How a lack of confidence shows up in your business and personal life
  • How to identify habits that negatively impact your confidence
  • How to use practical tips to build your confidence

About Coach Von:

Jonvoana “Von” Evans aka Life Coach Von has been passionately mentoring and life coaching for over 15 years. For 20 years, her career was focused on excelling and obtaining certs in the IT Industry, helping others successfully navigate their lives became her priority and purpose and would not be forgotten in the shadows. The appetite for inspiring transformation always tended to propel to the forefront! With her coaching, she has had countless success stories of clients learning to embrace their journey, transform their mindsets, and excel in their career and personal goals. As a Certified Life Coach, she is dedicated to empowering women, normally referring to them as “queens’, by providing the best products, services, accountability, and resources available. While taking pleasure in being a wife, a mother, a momager, multi-business owner, amongst a host of other things, she understands the importance of being F.L.Y (First Loving Yourself). Nonetheless, she is committed to instilling this one important principle into all her clients, “I can give my best when I have it to give.”

In addition to her 1:1 coaching, Life Coach Von has hosted various group sessions, webinars, conferences, and retreats teaching the importance of a positive mindset and how with the power of thought, their lives can be changed. She is also the host of her new video podcast, FLY Queen FLY, while also appearing as a guest speaker on various podcasts, webinars, radio shows, virtual and in-person conferences.


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