Abby Myette | Founder of Abby Lee Coaching

Tell us about YOU!!    I love fresh coffee in the morning, a good book I just can’t put down, a brightly colored bouquet of flowers, spending time with my friends, and dreaming about and planning for my next adventure (even if it’s just a trip to my favorite bakery and a walk on the beach with a fresh donut). I love finding joy in the everyday and living my life on purpose. I help other ambitious and busy women cultivate the joyful life they desire and deserve. Through one-on-one and group coaching programs, my clients get clear on their values and their why, take control of their schedule, and create a plan to achieve their dreams both big and small.

What makes you different/stand out in your industry?    I combine mindset, time management, and goal setting to help women find more joy in their lives. It’s this unique combination of factors that has helped me accomplish some things I never thought were possible like buying my first home, starting a whole new career, and running a marathon. So many programs only focus on one of these factors. But if you want long-term sustainable success, you need all three working together!

What do your clients love about you?  I bring a 360 degree view and provide insight and ideas that they hadn’t thought of. I also focus on realistic plans. Cleaning, grocery shopping, working out, all those things still need to happen. My clients enjoy the manageable and easy to implement plans we develop.

What is the best advice you can share with others?  Break down big ideas into tasks you can complete in 15 minute increments. Get as granular as you can. This makes it easier to take small but impactful steps in between the day-to-day responsibilities. You’ll start making progress even faster than you imagine.

How has the Women’s Business League helped you? The women in WBL have been so supportive! They have provided me with ideas of topics to discuss and activities to include in my programs. It’s been just the community I needed to grow my business and my own confidence.

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Abby Myette

Founder of Abby Lee Coaching