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Tell us about YOU!!  (Who are you & What do you do?)  I am Donna Sovie with Check & Balance Business Solutions, LLC; Outsourced Bookkeeping and Managerial Accounting Services.

What makes you different/stand out in your industry? Construction Accounting Specialty, I have over 15 years of experience in the construction industry working with Construction Management firms, General Contractors and sub-contractors. 

What do your clients love about you? I am honest, knowledgeable, informative, reliable, ethical and supportive. I am able to communicate with clients in a way they can fully understand their company’s financial health, analytics and reporting.

What is the best advice you can share with others?  Even if you think you can handle your businesses bookkeeping/accounting on your own, you should consult with an outsourced professional. Often times while providing a consultation and reviewing the clients accounting process, it is discovered that many items are being recorded incorrectly or in some cases not at all. Errors with and omission of data can lead to poor decision making for the business because the financial reports lack accuracy. By hiring a professional to handle the business accounting function for you not only gives you peace of mind regarding the integrity of the financial reports, but also frees you to focus on business operations and growth. 

How has the Women’s Business League helped you?  The WBL has helped me in many ways. The sense of belonging, the support, the encouragement, the genuine carrying for others has been so uplifting and motivating. It feels amazing to be connected to such great women who all share in ascertaining goals and dreams, and who truly want others to succeed.

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Donna Sovie

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