Eileen Reed | Founder of Simplify with Eileen

Tell us about YOU!!  (Who are you & What do you do?) I’m an Organizing & Productivity Coach, and founder of Simplify with Eileen. As a Coach, I help small business owners & individuals learn how to Thrive (not just “survive”) in a life free from clutter, chaos & distraction.  I do this by helping my clients to reshape their relationship with “stuff” and embrace new ways to decide how much is enough. I’m also a wife to the love-of-my-life Biz Reed, a solopreneur, speaker, daughter, sister, friend, mentor, Arbonne Independent Consultant and life long learner.
What makes you different/stand out in your industry? I’ve been there.  I’ve walked the path of being sucked into doing too much, having too much, trying to be too much.  I’ve learned that a more simplified life gives us the freedom to create a more joyful, deeply meaningful and exceedingly abundant life.  And when we make space in our lives, it’s amazing how much good (think possibilities, new relationships, harmony, taking your business to the next level…) finds its way to us!
What do your clients love about you? My clients often comment on how much fun we actually have when working together, either in person or virtually. I believe sensitivity, humor and authenticity are essential ingredients to earning trust.  My clients also know that there’s no cookie cutter / 1 size fits all approach in my work – I really customize what we do for each individual person & situation.
What is the best advice you can share with others? It’s really less about “organizing”, and more about having “less to organize”.  I love that one, it is so massively true!  You can have an attic & basement crammed full of bins and boxes all labeled and organized – – but if there’s SO much of it, and you’re not using or appreciating it, what’s the point?  Less is the new more! It’s freeing.
How has Women’s Business League helped you? It is so inspiring to me to see so many other small business women out there making their mark, living their passions, with products & services that really matter to the world! It fuels me to do my best. I also love the genuine desires we all have to support one another and help each other succeed. You don’t see that in most networking groups.  And yes, I’ve gotten exposure and business from WBL which is a nice bonus.  
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Eileen Reed

Founder of Simplify with Eileen