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Tell us about YOU!!     Hi, I am Liane. I help people who are ready to be pregnant optimize their fertility with herbs, nutrition, lifestyle changes, and a clear plan. I am a registered clinical herbalist with a specialty in preconception planning. I have a particular focus on helping people who are trying to conceive during their first year.

What makes you different/stand out in your industry?     I also struggled with infertility so I understand how it feels to be deeply disappointed every month and wonder if you are doing everything possible to become pregnant. When I told my doctor I wanted to start trying to get pregnant, I was told “Start taking a prenatal and come back in one year if you aren’t pregnant.” This led to months of wading through misinformation online, feeling frustrated, confused, worried that something was wrong, and that I was wasting time. Eventually, I was referred to a specialist and diagnosed with premature ovarian failure. Three IUI and four IVF cycles later we finally conceived our twin daughters who are happy and healthy teens today. My own experience with infertility fueled my passion to help others. I went back to school, studied herbalism, became a certified herbalist, was accepted as a peer-reviewed registered professional herbalist with the American Herbalists Guild, and completed a year-long mentorship with a renowned naturopathic fertility doctor in Boston. Having been in practice now for 5 years, I have seen what a difference herbs and nutrition can make for people trying to conceive. I wish I knew then what I know now. There was SO MUCH MORE I could have done during that first year of “just trying”. Now I help people optimize their fertility through herbs, nutrition, and lifestyle changes.

What do your clients love about you?  Clients often tell me that having a clear plan has taken so much pressure off them (and their partner, when applicable) and that they understand more clearly what they can do to help improve their own fertility. I am a bit of a science nerd, so I love digging into the latest research and sharing this information with my clients. This helps people feel safe and confident with our plan, whether they want to try naturally or they are going through IUI, IVF, or beyond. Our appointments are never rushed so we have plenty of time to really dig deep into what could be getting in the way of their fertility and improving overall health.

What is the best advice you can share with others?  It’s never too soon to start preparing for pregnancy. I often say “plan for your pregnancy like some people plan for a wedding… with several months or years of preparation.” If waiting for a year before getting support feels like you are wasting time, then don’t just “try on your own”. Working with someone to develop a clear plan based on scientific evidence and traditional wisdom can help improve your fertility and avoid feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, or alone.

How has the Women’s Business League helped you? One of my biggest business challenges has been that a lot of people don’t know this type of help is available. I often hear, “I wish I knew about you when I was trying to get pregnant!”. Being part of WBL has helped me get in front of so many people in an authentic way, which has helped my business grow and allowed me to help more people. I am also thankful to have a network of women that I can trust to refer my clients, friends, and family to across a range of specialties.

Liane Moccia

Liane Moccia

Liane's Herbal Wellness