Lidia Szydlowska | Owner/Founder of PionArch

Tell us about YOU!!  (Who are you & What do you do?) Lidia Szydlowska has been designing for over 20 years. She holds both Architectural and Interior Design degrees and is experienced in both residential and commercial projects. Her specialty is designing corporate offices, new homes and redesigning interiors. Her artistic vision embraces innovation and logic for creating beautiful, functional buildings reflecting the client’s life or work style.

Lidia was born in Poland. As a little girl, she enjoyed drawing, playing the accordion, and had a yearning to travel the world. She came to the United States in 1994 and began working towards a Bachelor of Science degree in Interior Design shortly thereafter. When she finished her degree, she started working for an architect and developed a passion for  architecture. In 2003, she started a Masters of Architecture program at Boston Architectural College. During her studies, she worked for architectural firms in and around Boston, mainly designing houses and corporate offices. After she received her Masters Degree in Architecture, she became an entrepreneur and soon opened her own dream  business of design. She works closely with her husband Michal to bring their design/build vision to life. Lidia’s passion and energy are passed on to her clients, employees, friends, and family members. She sets  high standards for herself and her boutique business model.

What makes you different/stand out in your industry? 

  • We are responsive, positive, and friendly
  • We enjoy teamwork
  • Creativity is always important to our design solutions
  • We bring a European perspective to design solutions
  • We are always honest to ourselves and to our clients
  • We will never push our design ideas on a client who does not want them
  • We create solutions within the context of a home or the character of a space
  • Energy efficiency is very important to us
  • We care about the well-being of the planet and all of its inhabitants
  • We design customized spaces using true customization or we can work with systems that have standard sizing
  • We offer high-quality work 

What do your clients love about you? Clients like the creativing and responsiveness that I offer. 

I  look at the building as a whole without dividing it into exterior,  interior or site design projects. It should all be coordinated and  functional. 

What is the best advice you can share with others? When you think about your project, remember to contact a professional first. 

How has the Women’s Business League helped you? WBL helped me to expand my network of successful women who are inspiring. It helped me to find the right people for my own projects too. Some women reached out to me already to do their projects and I am sure they will recommend Pionarch to their friends.

Picture of Lidia Szydlowska

Lidia Szydlowska

Owner/Founder - PionArch / Tri-Town Chapter