Lisa Keslar | Co-Owner of Keslar Insurance

Tell us about YOU!!  (Who are you & what do you do?) My name is Lisa Keslar, and I’m co-owner of Keslar Insurance with my husband, David. We offer home, auto, business and life insurance in NH, ME & MA. As an independent agency, we offer a long list of highly rated insurance carriers which allows us to shop for our customers for the best coverage’s at the best price. We do that all at no additional charge to customers. But that’s just my “day job”! I’m also a mom of three (ages 20, 18 and 15- yikes), a mom of two lab doggies who are spoiled rotten, an adjunct faculty member for UNH and SNHU in their business programs. I love to volunteer with local nonprofits as I really feel called to supporting those in my backyard in any way I can. When I’m not working, I love to spend time at Merrymeeting Lake in NH with family!
What makes you different/stand out in your industry? I think there are a few things we do very differently than others in our industry. 1. Our dedication to customers. We are exceptionally thorough. We not only do a full review of the customer’s situation to make sure they have the appropriate coverage’s for them, but we also spend a great deal of time educating our customers on the WHY. Why we recommend what we do. We work to build a relationship with these customers as we want to be lifelong connections. Not just someone who happened to save them some money. 2. We are dedicated to the community. We actively support more than 12 local non-profits though our Keslar Cares Program. We regularly volunteer in leadership roles in local organizations, and regularly promote these local nonprofits to help them build awareness and support. 3. We are all technology driven to support the backend of our business. Long before physical distancing became a reality, we were always focused on using technology to make our client’s lives easier and more efficient. This includes online quoting and customer service options, as well as text communications to name a few! 4. We are a resource for our clients. This doesn’t mean just for insurance. We are a resource for connections and referrals. We work hard to support local business and our referral partners. We provide our customers with great options to meet for their personal or professional needs.
What do your clients love about you? I’m hoping it is that I work hard to really build a relationship with them. My job is to make our customers jobs easier. My whole goal is to take any stress out of insurance for them. In general, people don’t like to deal with insurance. They think of it as a commodity or a necessary evil. We want to make it simple, efficient and cost effective.
What is the best advice you can share with others? Of course I have all sorts of insurance advice, but I think the WBL members can really benefit from the greatest learning I’ve had in recent years. It is to Network. Here I don’t mean simply meet a lot of people. I mean build solid, meaningful relationships in all areas of your life. The best way to do this is to always look for ways to help each one of those contacts. Offer advice to them. Introduce them to contacts that you know and they don’t. Recommend good books, or other networking opportunities, or educational opportunities, or help them solve a problem. Whatever it is they need. This will be such a gift to you and to them on so many levels. I can’t recommend it enough.
How has the Women’s Business League helped you? I love my chapter of WBL. We have sincerely become friends. Recently, during a personal health crisis, my WBL group was amazingly supportive. They were some of the first people in my life to reach out, check-in, offer support, and show their care. Yes, we do business with each other. Yes, we refer each other. And yes, we are now truly friends. What a gift.
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Lisa Keslar

Co-Owner of Keslar Insurance