Dr. Robin Buckley | Owner of Insights Group

Tell us about YOU!!  (Who are you & What do you do?) Dr. Robin Buckley owns Insights Group, a psychological practice in Rye, NH, and belongs to the Portsmouth chapter. Dr. Robin and the four other therapists at Insights Group offer cognitive behavioral therapy to children, adolescents and adults, through both in-person and telehealth platforms to the meet the preferences of patients and ensuring continuity of care. Dr. Robin’s part of the practice focuses on supporting female adolescents and women, as well as LBGTQ individuals.

What makes you different/stand out in your industry? I believe in educating individuals about mental health to destigmatize this concept and help people view mental health care as comparable to traditional physical health care. I work to teach people who contact my practice about “therapist shopping” (finding the therapist that is the best fit for a person) and different psychological perspectives (i.e. talk therapy, CBT, etc.). When people tell me therapy didn’t work for them, I explain that it isn’t that therapy didn’t work, but rather, that they just didn’t find the right therapist and approach for them.

What do your clients love about you? My use of concrete strategies for them to practice and add to their self-care toolboxes to get them quickly back to the lives they want to live.

What is the best advice you can share with others? Mental health check ins are an important part of overall health. Having a therapist you are comfortable with as part of your health team ensures you are addressing all levels of functioning, not just your physical health.

How has the Women’s Business League helped you? WBL has supported my belief that women want to help each other, and has helped me teach this idea to my patients through referrals to other members who I know will take the best care of my patients’ industry-specific needs.

Dr. Robin Buckley

Dr. Robin Buckley

Owner of Insights Group