How to Combat Burnout

As women, we can often be called upon to “do it all.” Society sets us up with the expectation that we manage home life, work life, and social life seamlessly. And when we fail we feel like we’ve not only failed our clients, our families, and our friends, but we’ve failed ourselves. In order to release ourselves from the potential for failure we do everything we can to satisfy everyone else’s needs which ultimately, leads to one thing, burnout. Burnout can not only impact your business but also your health, wellbeing, and life satisfaction. No woman wants to be in a state of burnout and yet, we can find ourselves there time and time again. So what can we do? While the causes of burnout can vary from woman to woman we have found that there are 5 universal skills you can employ to help combat those feelings of depletion and overwhelm.

Establish Healthy Boundaries

Think about the last time you said yes to something. Was there a little feeling of dread that crept up, knowing that you didn’t really want to take this on? That was your body trying to alert you to the potential for burnout. Listen to those little signals when they come up because it is your higher self trying to guide you toward the best decisions for you. A few ways you can avoid having to activate your internal alarm system is by setting clear working hours, limit the amount of overtime you work (save it for true emergencies and you know what is ACTUALLY an emergency and what isn’t), and delegate tasks when you can. Learn how to say “no” to what is truly above and beyond your scope.

Prioritize Self Care

We know everyone is talking about self care these days but self care is about more than taking a bubble bath or buying an iced coffee. It’s about the basics like getting enough sleep, getting adequate exercise, eating nutritious meals and taking time to take care of your mental health with therapy or journaling. These are absolutely selfless acts as, if your cup isn’t full, you can’t possibly help to fill anyone else’s.

Seek Social Support

We are wired as human beings to connect and trying to run a business all by yourself can be overwhelming and lonely without good support. Make sure you can establish a safe space where you can seek advice,  vent, or just unwind. The more positive influences you can surround yourself with the more successful you will be. And taking time to nurture those connections will prevent you from becoming an island unto yourself.

Practice Mindfulness

When you’re running a business you are juggling so many aspects from clients to finance and switching rapidly between all of those different responsibilities can really increase the potential for burnout. By engaging in activities like yoga, deep breathing, guided imagery and meditation you can enhance your connection to the present moment and navigate challenges with clarity and confidence.

Invest in Personal Development

I know this just sounds like another task added to your plate but hear us out! Developing new skills by attending workshops, trying out new courses, or reading books about your industry enhances your business acumen and creates a sense of purpose and fulfillment. If you’re feeling fulfilled the chances are lower that you’re going to overburden yourself with too many tasks. Those courses also give you insight into how tubes streamline your business so you can more easily manage the tasks at hand.

Remember, prioritizing your well-being will never be selfish. Keeping yourself happy and healthy is the absolute best thing you can do for your clients and your business. Try out these tips today and see if you can make burnout a thing of the past.

No one likes to feel overwhelmed and under-resourced but unfortunately, burnout is a reality for many business owners. By asking yourself specific questions that focus on your habits regarding boundary setting, self-care,  time management and resources you can help create a proactive approach to eliminating burnout. Click below to download our worksheet with questions to help you make burnout a thing of the past!


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