Two Little Words to Transform Your Business and Life

In order to create a business and life we love, we have to harness the power of “the best yes”. There’s power in reflecting on the past to propel forward. In the past 5 years, what were some of your “best yes’s”? What were the circumstances around them and how did you know it was a “best yes”? Or, did you not know until you took the chance/risk/leap? 

Thinking about the past year, what was your best yes? Most importantly, what will your best yes be for 2023? 

In order to make room for our “best yes’s” we have to say a lot of “necessary no’s”. What were some of your necessary no’s in the past? 

No one likes being told “no” from a potential client or customer, but I’ve learned in my own personal journey to trust that there is something better coming. That the opportunity was meant for someone else and I’ll have something even better coming to me. 

I now think of “no” as “next one” and I don’t stay in a negative mindset around it for very long.

There is also power in saying “no” to what no longer serves you. You have to say a lot of necessary no’s to make space for your best yeses.

What will you say no to this year? What are you no longer available for? Will you step up and into your power to harness the word no in your life and business. It could be elevating the types of clients you work with, moving from an “I’ll take what I can get” mentality to a “my work is of high value and I deserve to work with clients that appreciate and are willing to pay for what I offer.”

Power question – If no one would judge you, if no one would get mad or inconvenienced, if everything was available and anything was possible – what would you create this year? 

Melissa Gilbo & Amy Pocsik

Melissa Gilbo & Amy Pocsik

Co-Founders of WBL