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Power Hour: Finding Your Voice

Join Cassie Crosby as she leads this Power Hour on how to communicate with confidence and clarity.Unlock the power of effective communication in this inspiring and eye-opening talk. Join Cassie Crosby, retired U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel and certified leadership coach, as she delves into the art of expression, uncovering both what communication is as well as the subtle barriers that may be holding you back. Discover the unique challenges women face in the likeability and competence dilemma and learn how to reclaim your authentic voice with confidence.In this engaging and thought-provoking talk, we'll explore the subtle complexities of communication, providing you with the insights and strategies needed to break free from self-imposed limitations and redefine how you express yourself. Join us for an empowering journey towards finding your authentic voice, communicating with unwavering confidence, and making a lasting impact.In this Power Hour you will:Understand the likeability and competence dilemma:Gain insight into the nuanced challenges women encounter when striving to balance both likeability and competence. Explore how this dilemma is causing you to act unconsciously in “little” ways that have a big impact your ability to communicate with clarity and confidence.Unveil unconscious self-diminishing behaviors:Many women unknowingly undermine their own voices, often minimizing their expertise, power, and authority. Learn to identify and overcome self-diminishing behaviors that hinder your ability to communicate with authority and clarity.Empower your unique voice:Walk away with actionable strategies and tools to embrace your unique perspective and communicate confidently. From assertive communication techniques to building self-assuredness, you'll leave with the skills to amplify your presence and scale your influence.Meet Cassie Crosby:Cassie Crosby is a certified leadership coach and retired U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel who led multi-functional teams and organizations through some of the military’s most complex problems, including in Iraq and Afghanistan, for more than 20 years. She has extensive experience in leader development as well as public affairs, logistics and supply chain management, and strategic planning.She is the CEO of Iterata Solutions, a service-disabled veteran and women- owned business that cultivates exceptional leaders from within. She is the Vice President of the Board of Trustees for Fellowship Housing Opportunities, a non-profit organization providing safe, & affordable housing for those living with mental illness. She is also a Small Business Mentor for the Venture Mentoring Team, focused on Economic Empowerment and co-authored My Green Notebook: “Know Thyself” Before Changing Jobs.Cassie holds a Bachelor of Arts in English from the University of New Hampshire, a Master of Business Administration in Organizational Leadership from Norwich University, a Master of Military Arts and Science in Operational Planning from the U.S. Army School of Advanced Military Studies, and a graduate certificate in Leadership Coaching from Georgetown University.Please note that ticket sales will end 24 hours before the event in order to create the best materials, experience, and communication possible for you before, during, and after the event. Thank you!