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Acton/Concord, MA

Susan Tripi

Acton/Concord Chapter Leader

As a Women's Empowerment Coach, Susan supports women dealing with unexpected life transitions, (such as divorce, a career change, etc.) who are finding their way and shaping a new life for themselves. Susan inspires women to view challenges as opportunities to learn and grow while defining life on their terms by living in alignment with their purpose and values. With a heart for social justice, Susan’s passion is to engage in the work of advancing women's equity and opportunities, both domestically and abroad. As a former nonprofit fundraiser, executive, and leader, Susan made it her life's work to address inequality in gender bias, income, housing, education, and consumer patterns that explore the intersection of gender+ culturally constructed barriers that prevent women's advancement. Susan is THRILLED to take on the role of Chapter leader to expand the impact of the WBL in Massachusetts. Let's link arms and inspire one another to new levels of personal and professional growth.

Jessica Miller

Acton/Concord Chapter Leader

Jessica Miller is CEO of Jessica Miller Coaching, a money and mindset coaching company that works with highly-driven female entrepreneurs and business women who want to have it all - their time, their freedom, and a thriving business that makes consistent income, without sacrificing everything important in their life to get it (including their sanity).After a serious health crisis and the feeling that she was meant for something more, she decided to change her life drastically and walk away from a successful 16 year corporate career to start her own business coaching business. She is passionate about helping others lead their best life, own their time, find vehicles to make significant income, and to grow in ways they never thought they could.

Kelly Driscoll

Andover Chapter Leader 

Connected, empowered, joyful communities are built by connected, empowered, joyful leaders! When we are empowered to show up as our authentic selves, aligned with our purpose and standing in our values, we have the power to not only transform our own lives, but to shift culture, and change the world! Kelly is an empowerment and transformation coach working with individuals and organizations to create connected and empowered lives filled with purpose and joy!
After over 30 years in education, Kelly made a bold and courageous decision to follow her soul purpose and start her own coaching and consulting firm, Kelly Lynn Coaching and Consulting, LLC. Leaving education to embrace authentic relationships, Kelly helps organizations create culture rooted in purpose, connection and joy. Supporting this work, Kelly creates space for individuals to show up as their true self and cultivate a culture that weaves authenticity and courage into the fabric of the community. Building a reflective practice that includes leaning into listening, standing in your values, knowing your worth and owning a wholehearted life without limits is her greatest passion.
Prior to her bold leap into coaching and consulting, Kelly spent nearly 14 years as a guidance counselor followed by 10 years as an administrator. As the Director of Alternative Programs at a large high school, her focus was on creating innovative programs to support students who struggled in the traditional high school setting. As the Dean of Students in a rural high school, Kelly worked to cultivate positive school culture and climate, leading innovative work addressing the social emotional needs of the community. Kelly is deeply invested in helping individuals find their authentic voice, own their worth and lean into the practice of creating the world we all long for.
On a personal note, she is the single mother of three amazingly fierce, brave, beautiful daughters, ages 22, 16, and 15 and her incredible fur baby, Piper. For balance and joy, you can find Kelly hiking in the woods, enjoying the beach, reading (often AT the beach!), paddling on her SUP or digging onto a DIY project at home.

Liane Moccia

Andover Chapter Leader

Liane Moccia is a Registered Clinical Herbalist who specializes in fertility and preconception planning. She combines herbs, nutrition, and lifestyle changes with a clear plan to help optimize fertility. Liane’s own infertility diagnosis led her to the healing power of plants and ultimately a career change to help others on similar journeys. She believes no one should struggle to build their family. Clients often tell her that she is “the best-kept secret” and that they wish they had started working with her earlier on their fertility journey. Being part of WBL has helped Liane get in front of more people in an authentic way, which has helped her business grow and allowed her to help more people. Liane lives in Andover with her husband, twin teenage daughters, and their dog, Luca.

Donna Sovie

Bedford Chapter Leader

I founded Check & Balance Business Solutions in January 2020 to relieve the stress and frustration business owners have with managing their accounting records. Accurate financial records are vital to the growth and stability of your business. Without a skilled accountant to give you sufficient insight and data, your company could be at significant risk. Unfortunately, many business owners only realize this when it’s too late. Tired of watching businesses muddle through, I decided the best way I could serve clients is to take accounting and finance off their plate. My 20+ years of diverse accounting experience combined with my education have provided me with detailed knowledge of the accounting and operations process and how each plays a role in affecting bottom-line results. Today, my mission is to help businesses continue to be profitable and remain compliant while allowing owners to focus on growing and doting on their passions.

Justine Beauregard

Bedford Chapter Leader

Justine Beauregard is a Sales Coach + Trainer who helps people get paid well for their expertise by becoming great at selling. An entrepreneur all her life, Justine got her start running lemonade stands in her driveway and puppet shows in her backyard for $5 a ticket. Since 2008, she has taught thousands of people how to sell and helped 550+ paying clients worldwide reach up to 2,300% higher revenue using proven, feel-good sales strategies. Justine’s goal is for it to feel easy for you to create the business you know deep in your gut you’re meant to have - the one that doesn't just feel wonderful to own but effortlessly grows because you have an easy time selling your offers to people! Her mission is for entrepreneurship - especially the sales part - to be more enjoyable (and profitable) so you can do what you love without fear or hardship. After helping to scale multiple small businesses to $300MM, she knows where businesses get stuck and what makes them truly successful, sharing those lessons with clients and on her podcast, People Over Profit. In her words, “Too many entrepreneurs are ‘hidden gems’ who deserve to be seen! You're special. You have a set of skills, gifts, and natural abilities no one else has, and your business is how you share them with the world. My job is to not only help you see them but help others see them too.” To learn more about Justine and the work she does, visit

Jill Carey

Beverly Chapter Leader

I'm Jill, a mortgage professional with a deep passion for problem-solving and an extensive understanding of the mortgage and finance industry. Over the years, I've had the privilege of assisting thousands of families through the home financing process, using my wealth of industry experience to structure various loans tailored to the needs of first-time homebuyers and seasoned investors alike. It's like a walk on the beach for me! What sets me apart from other loan officers is my unique blend of sales and operations expertise. This combination has provided me with comprehensive knowledge across all aspects of the mortgage and finance industry. I have an innate ability to anticipate challenges and ensure that loans have the best possible chance of success and approval. At the same time, I'm dedicated to making the entire transaction quick, smooth, and customer-oriented, always approaching it with empathy and compassion. Helping people navigate the lending process is truly my passion, and it feels like piecing together a different puzzle every time, with countless variables but the same outcome—a happy homeowner! Beyond my professional life, I'm a sun-loving, beach-going Northshore girl who enjoys the water and relaxing on the waves. Being a rescue fail mom not just once, but twice, has brought immeasurable joy to my life. Interestingly, I've lived within a two-mile radius in Ipswich my entire life, embracing the beauty of my hometown. And here's a fun fact—I've had the exhilarating experience of driving race cars and even landing a plane, all before the age of ten! While I find fulfillment in my work, I also recognize the importance of giving back to the community. That's why I actively participate in initiatives such as the Bloodmobile Blood Drive and sponsor events like the upcoming Smooches with Pooches Kissing Booth at the Ipswich Homegrown market. As a member, volunteer, and sponsor of the Newburyport Chamber, I contribute to the success of events like Sprint Fest 2023. Additionally, I'm proud to serve as the co-chair chapter leader of WBL Lynnfield, fostering a supportive network for professionals. Moreover, being a part of the Awesome Ipswich community allows me to connect with like-minded individuals. My superpower lies in problem-solving and finding things on the internet—whether it's solving complex challenges or discovering the perfect fashion piece or person. It brings me immense joy to assist others and make a positive impact in their lives. Helping individuals achieve their homeownership dreams is a gratifying experience, and I approach it with enthusiasm and dedication. For me, it's like putting together a puzzle with endless variables, but the ultimate reward is a happy homeowner!

Tracy Westcott

Boston Chapter Leader 

Tracy Westcott is the Founder and CEO of Talent Track Solutions, a certified women-owned talent acquisition consultancy offering project-based recruiting solutions. Talent Track and our preferred partners help you not only build your team but create strong, repeatable processes that support the growth of your team and the satisfaction of your clients. We emphasize cultivating a positive candidate experience that strikes a balance between HR technology and human interaction. We accomplish this through the power of connection—connecting candidates to the right teams, connecting teams with the right processes, and finding which dots within your organization need connecting altogether. Talent Track transforms your talent acquisition strategy and turns chaos into coordination.

Casey Blake

Boston Chapter Leader

Casey Blake is a creative strategic thinker who, as the Director of Channel Development at Supporting Strategies, values the opportunity to cultivate and build meaningful relationships while sharing the ways we may be a helpful resource for your business. Supporting Strategies has been a leader in outsourced bookkeeping and accounting services since 2004. We offer a range of bookkeeping and financial management expertise organized across six core service areas designed to simplify the lives of business owners and help them achieve their goals. I am an experienced marketing professional with a demonstrated history of making an impact in both for profit and not-for-profit industries. For nearly 15 years, I have worked with organizations on their strategic marketing objectives, brand engagement goals, and relationship cultivation. I'm passionate about connecting the dots, making introductions, and bringing people together.

Briana Herman

Concord Chapter Leader

My name is Briana, and I'm thrilled to share my story with you. I'm an entrepreneur, a mom, and an adventurer who loves helping people achieve their financial goals. In December 2020, I started Herman Ledge Services to provide bookkeeping and financial coaching services to small business owners. I wanted to help entrepreneurs streamline their financial operations and achieve their financial goals. My positive and compassionate approach has earned me the trust and loyalty of my clients, and I'm proud to say that my business is thriving. In March 2023, I co-founded Plan4Profit, where I focus on helping small business owners learn how to manage their finances effectively. From bookkeeping and taxes to budgeting and planning, I'm passionate about sharing my expertise to help entrepreneurs achieve financial success. Outside of work, I love spending time in nature, hiking, practicing yoga, and horseback riding. My husband and I own a farm where we have chickens, a horse named Kevin, a mule named Keira, and a few furry friends. Being a mom to my little boy is one of my greatest joys, and I feel grateful to be able to juggle motherhood and entrepreneurship. I'm committed to supporting women entrepreneurs in achieving their goals. I believe that with the right tools and support, anything is possible.

Christine Carpenter

Concord Chapter Leader

Hello my name is Christine Louise Carpenter. I am thrilled to be a WBL Chapter Leader. With 30 years experience in customer relations and sales experience. I earned a bachelors degree in Business and Hospitality from Southern New Hampshire University and an associates degree in Early Childhood Education from Lynn University in Boca Raton Florida. Born and raised in Andover Massachusetts, I have lived now in our beautiful state of New Hampshire since 1992. I am a wife to my incredible husband Jonathan and mom to our two beautiful daughters, Julianna and Sophia. Growing up with a marine father, I have always valued hard work, focus, determination, grit and never giving up! Growth is a journey of amazing experiences that have led me to where I am today. As a franchise owner with the N2 Company since 2020 under Christine Louise Publications LLC. I own and operate 2 beautiful publications- Stroll North End Manchester & BeLocal Greater Concord and The Lakes. Our mission is bringing communities together one neighborhood at a time. I love connecting people and it is my true “ superpower”! Health, wellness, education and team building in the business world has always been an important focus in my life in one way or another. As an independent consultant with a side hustle called Beautycounter. I educate consumers on safer products for themselves and their loved ones and thankful everyday for finding a company like Beautycounter that aligns with my beliefs and values. I am a firm believer that knowledge is powerful and once you are armed with important information, there is no going back. I look forward to meeting you all soon.

District of Columbia

Michelle Mancari Rosenberg

DC Chapter Leader

Michelle Mancari Rosenberg is a Financial Advisor in Washington, D.C. with Ameriprise Financial. Michelle grew up in a military family primarily residing in Okinawa, Japan and Fredericksburg, Virginia. She attended Virginia Tech with a major in Finance and a concentration in Financial Planning. She always knew that she wanted to help others and found that financial planning and wealth management is the perfect balance of applying technical knowledge while having great interpersonal relationships with her clients. Her number one goal is to empower individuals to make great financial decisions through comprehensive financial planning and she believes that there is no better feeling than to make her clients feel confident about their financial futures. Her professional certifications include being a Certified Financial Planner (CFP®), an Accredited Portfolio Management Advisor (APMA®), and Accredited Wealth Management Advisor (AWMA®). In her free time, she loves to play competitive volleyball, enjoy the outdoors, scuba dive, and explore the city with her husband, Max.

Dr. Zykia LaRue

DC Chapter Leader

Dr. Zykia LaRue is a licensed physical therapist and owner of LaRue Health and Wellness LLC. As a physical therapist in the Washington, D.C. area, she has helped hundreds of adults 50+ years of age and older manage their pain, prevent falls, regain their strength, and get back to doing the things they love. She has advocated on behalf of Medicare-aged-adults to congress to ensure continued coverage of their vital healthcare services. As a board certified clinical specialist in geriatric physical therapy, certified personal trainer, and certified dementia practitioner, Zykia’s expertise has been featured by GoTherex and through partnerships with Visiting Angels. She is passionate about providing personalized care at LaRue Health and Wellness. She cares about each and every client like they are family and will go the extra mile to make sure they achieve their goals and optimize their health. When she is not working she enjoys playing with her golden doodle puppy Rue, doing any outdoor activity (especially hiking), loves spending time with her friends and family, and educating adults 50+ on how they can train to reach their highest potential.

JoAnn Burchuk

Dover Chapter Leader

JoAnn has almost 35 years of business experience. She graduated from Michigan State University with a BA in Materials and Logistics Management. She spent her first 10 years after graduation in Chicago working for a distribution company as a business analyst helping to design, test and train end-users on a new computer system and develop ongoing updates. JoAnn and her husband Dave began their passion project 25 years ago establishing Lighthouse Physical Therapy. Their vision to create a wellness space that nurtures and cares for each patient. Stepping outside of a traditional fast-paced environment to emphasize on one-on-one care and provide alternative hands-on manual therapy techniques for a broader-based healing alternative. Together they have been able to grow their business to two locations and 11 equally skilled manual therapy practitioners. Serving the seacoast community, they have been able to transform the lives of thousands of patients. JoAnn is very excited to launch the WBL Dover chapter with her friend Lisa Keslar. It is a great extension of their Cheers for Charity NH initiative to connect the community with the non-profit organizations doing amazing work in their area. She is looking forward to connecting women business owners and creating a vibrant and successful networking community.

Lisa Keslar

Dover Chapter Leader

Lisa has more than 30 years of professional business leadership experience. She’s always had a passion for business. She completed her first round of studies at Babson College, earning her BS with a double major in Marketing and Communications. Lisa then went on to complete an MBA in Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management, also from Babson College. She’s been an entrepreneurial leader in a wide variety of organizations including start-up high-tech manufacturing and distribution organizations, fashion accessories companies, and medical accessories manufacturers She now co-owns and runs a successful, rapidly growing, and award-winning independent insurance agency located in Newmarket, NH offering home, auto, business, and life insurance solutions throughout New Hampshire, Maine, and Massachusetts. The agency, Keslar Insurance, has built its reputation on providing a consultative approach to reviewing coverages, educating about solutions, and researching the right products for their clients. As it is always Lisa’s goal to inspire, engage, educate and collaborate, she shares her business expertise by teaching college business courses at two colleges for more than 12 years; the University of New Hampshire and Southern New Hampshire University. In addition, she serves in multiple capacities in the community, regularly participating in and volunteering at more than 13 additional local community organizations. She’s excited to work with her co-leader, JoAnn Burchuk to launch the Dover, NH WBL chapter and will focus her energy on building a robust, supportive, and successful business networking community.

Kimberly Merrill Wood

Exeter Chapter leader

I am the 4th Generation of Tobey & Merrill Insurance in Hampton where I work alongside my dad, uncle and our amazing team. We offer Business, Personal and Life Insurance for our clients in NH, ME and MA. Our Vision is to ‘Build Relationships’. I live by this everyday with my connection with clients, team, business partners and community. It is important for me to have my clients empowered to make decisions and be a true partner with me. I have found to be able to do this you start with education about coverages, policies and what is going on in our community that will affect them. I joined WBL to create the lasting relationship and have the support of my fellow business women. I can’t wait to continue to grow with being the co-leader of the Exeter NH chapter.

Jennifer Bishop

Exeter Chapter Leader

Coming soon...

Fairfield County, CT

Kathleen Atkins

Fairfield County Chapter leader

Kathleen Atkins currently serves as Assistant Vice President with the Private Client High Net Worth (HNW) Division of HUB International, a leading global insurance brokerage. Kathleen specializes in risk management for HNW and emerging wealth families globally. She is strongly relied on by her clients, their advisors and her peers for her knowledge and expertise in all complicated risk management insurance matters. Kathleen works closely with family office managers, high net worth individuals and their trusted advisors on a consultative basis to assess risk exposures, develop customized solutions and deliver high touch service. In 2023, Kathleen was named one of the 40 Under Forty by the Fairfield County Business Journal, which honors forty individuals who are dynamic industry leaders in Fairfield County, CT. She holds a Chartered Private Risk and Insurance Advisor (CPRIA) designation through the Private Risk Management Association (PRMA). Kathleen resides in Stamford, CT with her fiancée and two dogs – Nola and Giggio.

Julina Ogilvie

Fairfield County chapter Leader

Julina manages wealth for high-net-worth individuals and families in addition to guiding successful advisors through the firm's succession planning strategy. Prior to joining Principle. Wealth Partners, Julina held executive roles at J.P. Morgan Asset Management and Lord Abbett & Co. In these roles, she used her extensive knowledge of the capital markets to educate the country's top advisors. Julina is an accomplished speaker and strategist who has presented wealth management concepts to thousands of financial professionals and clients. She has been recognized for her outstanding achievements and serves as a mentor for young women entering the business. With a passion for financial literacy she created a podcast, Women On Wealth, to empower women on financial concepts. Additionally, she authored Money Confident Girls: A Parents Roadmap to Raising Financially Confident Children (From Toddlers to Teens), further solidifying her commitment to fostering financial competence from an early age. Julina resides in Fairfield, CT with her husband Doug, their daughters Kaylin and Sidney, and two dogs Mudd and Sierra. She currently sits on the Ethics Board of the Investments & Wealth Institute, serves as VP of Finance at the Westport Women's Club, and sits on the Board of Directors at River House Adult Day Center. Julina is an avid skier and triathlete whom qualified for the Ironman World Championship in 2024.

Ali Lindsay

Fort Mill Chapter leader

Ali Lindsay is a Chapter Leader for the Fort Mill, SC chapter of the Women’s Business League. Ali is a Mortgage Broker at Future Home Loans, with over 7 years of Mortgage Experience including sales, management, and consulting. Ali helped lead an entire site of 250+ loan officers, supervisors, and managers prior to joining Future Home Loans. She has always worked in some capacity of sales over the last 20 years; one could say it’s in her blood. Ali graduated from Appalachian State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and Marketing. Ali is currently completing her yoga teacher certification and will graduate in June 2022 as a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT). Ali has a daughter, Autumn, and a wonderful partner who is very supportive of her multiple endeavors. She has lived in the Carolinas for the last 30 years but has been living in Fort Mill, SC since 2014. In her spare time, she loves to travel, practice yoga, hike, and spend time with her family and their 3 fur babies. What sets Ali apart? She is a woman in the mortgage industry – which are few and far between to come by! 🙂 She is licensed in NC, SC, GA & VA, and can make an otherwise stressful process as stress free and fun as possible! Ali is passionate in her work, which is evident in the consistent 5-star reviews received from her clients. As Future Home Loans will say, “the future is bright”, and Ali is dedicated to letting that shine through her work with the Women’s Business League.

Erin Mitchell

Fort Mill chapter Leader

Erin Mitchell is the owner of her Event Coordinating business, Events by Erin LLC. She is also the Leader of the Fort Mill, SC chapter of Women’s Business League. Erin has 15 years of Sales and Superior Customer Service Satisfaction Experience. She has held multiple mentoring positions, led many committee meetings, as well as ranked in the top 2 percent of her Medical Company’s sales force. Erin has two young sons, and a devoted husband. Their family relocated to South Carolina in 2018. They are really enjoying exploring all of the new East Coast destinations as a family. Whether you are planning a Corporate Event, Baby Shower, Birthday Celebration, or Family Milestone she would love to play a part in it! She will work with your budget and desires to help make your vision a reality! Local to the Fort Mill/Tega Cay area, but will plan into the Charlotte and surrounding areas.

Stacey Welch-Andrade

Georgetown Chapter leader

Stacey knew at an early age that she wanted to be a chef while “playing” with her Easy-Bake oven when she was seven years old. When she was eleven, Stacey wrote to Bobby Flay telling him how she twisted around one of his recipes. Three months later, she received a call from his producer asking her to come to New York City to see a taping of his show and to go to his restaurants. Stacey wanted to go but couldn’t as her family moved from Michigan to Florida where her dad became a minister of a small church. When Stacey was 14, she got her first job at Tropical Smoothie Café where she dressed as a banana and stood on the side of US 1 to bring customers inside. On her first day, she was trained on smoothies, wraps, and running the cash register. During her sophomore year of high school, Stacey got into the culinary program at her school where she competed in culinary competitions and got a job as an apprentice in a local country club. Stacey would later come back to this country club as their Executive Sous Chef. Stacey attended Johnson & Wales University in North Miami and earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Culinary Arts and completed two internships in Germany. She made the most of her time at Johnson & Wales, volunteering, working for the University, and helping the chef instructors on catered parties. Her last internship in Germany is where she met her husband, Victor. He was her supervisor and they worked great together. After Stacey completed her education, she moved over to Germany for one year. During this time, she worked in Pastry, loving every minute of it, and learning so many things every day. In 2009, Stacey came back to Florida and worked in a resort in Palm Beach. Victor and Stacey were married in 2010 and in 2012 they welcomed their first daughter, Isabelle. Here is where Stacey’s life was forever changed! No degree or education ever prepared her for motherhood. She knew she wanted to be a stay-at-home mom as chef life and family life don’t mix. In 2013, Stacey went back to her old high school and taught culinary arts part-time. In 2015, Stacey and her family relocated from Stuart, Florida to Haverhill, Massachusetts for her husband’s job. After they moved to Massachusetts, Stacey joined a MOPS group (Mothers of Preschoolers), and it was exactly what her girls and she needed; they had found community. She started homeschooling her girls, so they would be on her husband’s work schedule. Stacey began food-blogging as way to keep up her skills and have a tie with the industry that she loves so much. Stacey learned about food photography, SEO, and creating her website. In March 2020, her MOPS group had a local cookie artist, Cara from Cut & Iced, and fellow MOPS mom come and teach her group how to cookie decorate and Stacey was hooked! During quarantine, Stacey took class after class loving it even more! On May 16, 2020, Stacey became a licensed residential kitchen and has loved every minute of it. Stacey is so happy that she can continue to be a part of the industry that she loves in a new way. She is looking forward to an amazing year, where she would like to hold more cookie decorating workshops and cooking classes.

Cynthia Morgan

Georgetown chapter Leader

Meet Cyndie the Ippie! Certified Infinite Possibilities Trainer. Cyndie's journey to solopreneur life isn't the typical path.  For the last 30 years Cyndie has worked in the defense industry for Raytheon Company as a member of the Patriot Missile Team and wears many hats as Engineer, Quality Control and Database Administration. She is proud of her work and the direct support that is essential to the warfighter. Cyndie is a naturally intuitive person and has always relied on her gut. She’s the friend that everyone comes to for advice and has lovingly been given the tag “Cuz Cyndie Said”. When Cyndie met her dog Nigel, she had an experience like no other. She knew that he was something very special and their connection was going to change their lives. She started a social media account for him and started connecting with the world showcasing Nigel as a Happiness Ambassador. Nigel’s account soon was on its way to being a micro- influencer. They have been featured on Power of Positivity showcasing their mission to spread happiness and with the frequency that was created in this community this propelled Cyndie to really dig deep into her own intuition and energy. She realizes now that she was naturally doing the work that Infinite Possibilities teaches while building this community with Nigel. After a life event in 2011 she found Mike Dooley on the internet promoting his daily emails called “Notes from the Universe”. As she stepped more and more into her authentic self, she realized that she wanted to take her own practices of Thoughts become Things and get certified to become an Infinite Possibilities Trainer and help others to see that they too can live life deliberately. Cyndie received her certification from Mike Dooley himself and achieved Trailblazer Level by teaching the method to a minimum of 6 students for 6 hours. Cyndie is excited to be part of the Women's Business League as a Chapter leader and to share all her strengths helping others see that they too can live life deliberately and help them be their authentic best self.  In her spare time, Cyndie enjoys being in nature, gardening, she's a self-proclaimed "bird-nerd" and loves comedy.  Cyndie resides in Haverhill and spends time with her husband, family and of course her Papillon Nigel.

Greater Lowell, MA

Kimberly Miller

Greater Lowell Chapter Leader

Attorney Miller earned her Juris Doctor (J.D.) from Suffolk University Law School and is admitted to practice law in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the State of New Hampshire. Attorney Miller is based in Chelmsford, Massachusetts and has built a reputation for delivering personalized service and achieving favorable outcomes for clients. With a steadfast commitment to helping individuals and families plan for the future, including the purchase, sale or refinance one of their biggest assets. Attorney Miller is a trusted estate planning and real estate attorney. She offers comprehensive legal services tailored to meet the unique needs and goals of each client, ensuring peace of mind throughout.

Jessica Fermin

Greater Lowell Chapter Leader

With over 9 years of experience in the mortgage industry, Jessica Fermin embarked on her journey in mortgage operations back in 2015. Her passion for the industry is ignited by its dynamic landscape, market fluctuations, and the satisfaction derived from making the dream of homeownership a reality. Throughout her career, Jessica has overseen thousands of transactions with different scenarios, honing her ability to navigate the homebuying process with ease for her clients. In 2022, Jessica transitioned into the role of a Loan Officer, leveraging her extensive experience to provide even more personalized guidance to her clients. She excels at building strong client relationships and comprehensively understanding their homeownership objectives, ensuring that each client receives tailored solutions to meet their needs. Jessica proudly serves at Jeanne D’Arc Credit Union, a reputable local credit union and portfolio lender situated in the Greater Lowell area. She assists clients throughout Massachusetts, southern New Hampshire, and southern Maine, specializing in navigating the intricacies of the local market for diverse homebuyers, from novices to seasoned investors. In addition to her professional pursuits, Jessica cherishes quality time with her husband and their spirited 5-month-old son. They enjoy traveling and the outdoors, indulging in camping, hiking, and paddle boarding adventures. Jessica's dedication, expertise, and passion make her a trusted partner for anyone looking to achieve their homeownership dreams. Connect with her today and let her guide you through the journey with confidence and ease.

Jaime Palmer

Kittery Chapter Leader

Coming soon...

Karolina LaBrecque

Kittery Chapter Leader

Dr. Karolina LaBrecque is an author, professional keynote speaker, distinguished somatic high-performance coach, holistic behavioral consultant, and dedicated life coach. She has transformed lives from the brink of burnout to a state of harmonious balance, without sacrificing productivity. With an impressive educational background, Dr. LaBrecque holds a Master of Science in Psychology, a PhD in Rehabilitation with a focus on Neurodiveristy (ASD), along with certifications in massage therapy and hippotherapy from Poland. Her comprehensive wellness acumen is further enriched by a Dr. Sears wellness coaching certification, covering life stages from prenatal through to senior years, coupled with her roles as a therapeutic riding instructor, riding instructor, and fencing instructor. For more than two decades, Dr. LaBrecque has pioneered a 360 approach to life coaching, leveraging her extensive knowledge in behavioral health to guide individuals—ranging from teenagers to seniors—towards achieving their fullest potential. Her unique methodology is rooted in a holistic perspective, ensuring that each aspect of her clients' lives is nurtured towards total wellbeing. Dr. LaBrecque's philosophy extends beyond traditional coaching techniques, embodying a profound understanding of the somatic dimensions of stress and performance. By integrating physical movement and awareness into her coaching strategies, she offers a transformative experience that addresses both the mind and body, paving the way for sustainable life balance and enhanced productivity. As a mentor to fellow life coaches, Dr. LaBrecque is committed to sharing her wealth of knowledge and experience, inspiring a new generation of practitioners to adopt her comprehensive and empathetic approach to wellness coaching. Her dedication to fostering a balanced lifestyle, grounded in health, peace, and personal growth, reflects the core values of the Help to Grow Institute, making her an invaluable asset to anyone seeking to navigate the complexities of modern life with grace and resilience. Orignally, born and rasied in Poland she now lives with her husband and children in NH.

Londonderry, NH

Sara Janes Hoag

Londonderry Chapter Leader

Sara Janes began her career in the financial services industry in 2012. She has several years of experience in Human Resources and is now an Investment Advisor Representative of Primerica Advisors. She currently holds her Series 6, 63, 26, 65 and Life & Annuities licenses, as well as a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Education with a focus in Mathematics. Her office is in New Hampshire; however, she offers her Financial Wellness Workshops to the entire greater New Hampshire and Massachusetts areas. Sara Janes teaches these principles in a simple and interesting way, taking the focus off of products and placing it on fundamental strategies. Her educative approach empowers each client to reach a deeper understanding of their financial decisions, moving them past the numbers to measurable objectives and creative wealth building strategies. She enjoys teaching people how money works in their lives, and aspires to be known as someone who can help people get from where they are to where they want to be financially. She lives in New Hampshire with her husband, Tracy of 23 years and her 4 children, Kayla, Casey, Keegan and Coriann.

Maria Palmer

Londonderry Chapter Leader

Maria DeVito Palmer is a watercolor artist and designer. Her work includes original art and prints, custom commissions, event décor and details, and an extensive line of stationery and gifts. Before transitioning to pursuing her art full time, Maria spent 25+ years in customer service and retail operations management at Whole Foods Market. This experience instilled a deep appreciation for customer experience and a passion for servant leadership principles, but also honed her skills in mentorship and entrepreneurial development. Maria's commitment to fostering a sense of community and empowerment extends beyond the canvas, creating a holistic and enriching experience for those who engage with her work. Growing up in Woodstock, VT, and residing in New England, her body of work is a love letter to the places, people and experiences that have shaped her journey. Her goal is to bring joy to the everyday through colorful, vibrant art and design. Maria has two grown children, Eva and Joseph and currently resides in Derry, NH with her husband, Stephen. Find her work online at

Sarah Andrews

Manchester Chapter Leader

Sarah Andrews has 18+ years of senior management and development experience in human services and higher education. Her extensive fundraising experience includes achieving aggressive fundraising goals, organizational capacity building, annual campaigns, engagement and stewardship programs, strategic growth planning, sponsorship and promotions, grant writing, and major giving programs. Sarah serves on the PTO for her daughter’s elementary school in Manchester and personally fundraises for the March of Dimes in honor of her younger daughter who spent her first 38 days in the NICU. Along with members of her family, she oversees the George Butch Joseph Foundation in loving memory of her grandfather. Sarah is a native of Manchester, NH who enjoys strong coffee, live music and being outside. She is also a yoga instructor at Humble Warrior Power Yoga.

Elizabeth Brooks

Manchester Chapter Leader

Liz Brooks is a 30 year southern NH resident. She lives in Bedford, NH with her husband, Steve, and her 4 kids; Anthony (19), Whitney (9), Blakely (7), and Teddy (7). She attended UNHM and earned a degree in Business Administration. Liz spent 13 years in various roles at Merrill Lynch, until last November. Now, she is the proud owner of two Allstate Insurance Agencies, and is the CEO of The Brooks Insurance Agency LLC. She loves helping people, connecting and protecting the community! Liz stays very busy with her business and her family!

Beth Knaus

Mansfield Chapter Leader

I'm Beth Knaus, copywriter, brand messaging consultant, and owner of That's A Spade Copywriting Services. I love writing, and the challenge of crafting bold and clear messaging for clients that represents your voice, message, and purpose. Relatable, unique content that gets the attention of your potential clients and says why you’re the expert for them. After over three decades of entrepreneurship, service, and sales and marketing I know the power of communicating the right words to the right audience with written content that’s interesting and engaging. I love building my business side by side with other women who understand the value of community, support, and encouragement.

Kathleen Lawson

Mansfield Chapter Leader

Kathleen Lawson empowers creative entrepreneurs to step confidently into their role as the CEO of their business, moving forward in focused action toward their vision. With a focus on strategy and execution, she helps them put the structure and routines in place to successfully bring their ideas to life. Kathleen works 1:1 with clients and through her Close the Gap group program. With an MBA from Babson College, corporate experience, 20 years working for herself, and raising five boys, Kathleen is uniquely positioned to help her clients get results.

Samantha Lebicz

Marblehead Chapter Leader

Sam is a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and Restorative Wellness Practitioner that knows exactly what it's like to have gut problems, hormone issues & body insecurity take over your life. After growing up on a processed food diet with minimal exercise and low self-esteem, the life-disrupting gut and hormone symptoms started to pile on. By age 30, Sam had a list of diagnoses (IBS, hypothyroidism, eczema, gallbladder dysfunction, anxiety) but zero answers from doctors about how to actually feel better. She realized that if she ever wanted to feel confident in her body and live up to her true potential, she had to take control of her own health But it took her years of trial and error to try to figure out answers. She tried every fad diet, workout program & weight loss trick on the internet. It wasn’t until her body changed on the outside yet still felt insecure and sick on the inside that she realized she couldn’t fix her gut, hormones or confidence with weight loss alone. In 2019, Sam became an FNPT to not only heal her own body but to empower others who want more from their lives but feel stuck due to their own body & health struggles.

Emily Promise

Marblehead Chapter Leader

Marblehead native, Emily Promise, CFP®, AIF®, APMA®, CRPC® serves as a financial advisor and partner at Blakely Financial, Inc. She brings a combination of education and experience to providing her clients with clarity, insight and guidance. By serving as a trusted advisor she not only manages client portfolios but also provides guidance regarding life’s major decisions. There is nothing that fulfills her more than helping a family plan the road map for their financial future or giving a business owner peace of mind in selling their practice. She has a wealth of experience and insight from working at Goldman Sachs, Commonwealth Financial Network, and Massachusetts State Treasury. Her professional certifications include being a Certified Financial Planner (CFP®), an Accredited Portfolio Management Advisor (APMA®), Accredited Investment Fiduciary (AIF®) and Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor (CFRP®). She also serves as a Board member for the Society of Financial Service Professionals and on Commonwealth Financial Network’s Women’s Advisor Council. In her free time, she enjoys working out, playing golf, exploring new recipes, and trying out local coffee shops and eateries.

Merrimack Valley, MA

Ellen Roche

Merrimack Valley Chapter Leader

Ellen Roche has been helping people finance their homes for over 30 years. She is a Loan Officer/ Branch Manager at Mortgage Network located in Haverhill MA. She has been married for the past 34 years and raised her 3 children in Haverhill. She enjoys being a grandmother to two active little boys. Ellen believes in giving back to her community that has helped her be a successful businesswoman. She currently volunteers weekly by making lunches for 411 Cares, a non profit group that delivers lunches in Haverhill to the elderly and the veterans. Ellen has always been very involved in her community volunteering for various groups and clubs. She was the 2013 recipient of the Girls Inc. Bold Woman Award.

Pamela Hilton

Merrimack Valley Chapter Leader

Pamela Hilton is a Massachusetts licensed Certified Public Accountant and the CEO of her national accounting and tax firm, Pamela L. Hilton, CPA Inc. She graduated in 1990 from Bentley University with a Bachelors of Science in Accountancy. Pamela started her career with smaller public accounting firms where she learned a hands-on and personal approach to tax and audit services. Over her 30 year career she has worked with clients in a vast array of industries with locations all over the country and is a 3rd generation business owner. She most recently took her accounting practice to social media where you can find her on Instagram and Facebook (@pamelahiltoncpa) offering free business, accounting and tax advice to her audience. She is a best-selling contributing author, public speaker, Co-leader of the Merrimack Valley Women’s Business League and valued business advisor.

Ana Martinez

Methuen Chapter Leader

Ana Martinez is a Financial Planner assisting clients with growing and protecting their wealth and journey to retirement. CEO of Martinez Insurance & Financial Services located in Methuen MA, Ana and her team focus on Property and Casualty Insurance to complement the client’s financial plans. Hesser College graduate with bachelor’s in business administration and Associates in Psychology. Ana has been a resident of the city of Methuen for over 20 years and has a passion for helping the local community. Ana is a wife and mother to two beautiful children Giovahni and Alexa. Helping others achieve their financial goals while insuring their most precious assets is of top priority.

Jenn Duemling

Methuen Chapter Leader

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Metro-West, Boston, MA

Marina Kowaleski

Metro-West Chapter Leader

Marina Kowaleski is a Mortgage Advisor on The Amy Slotnick Team at Fairway Independent Mortgage. With 5+ years of industry experience, Marina focuses on finding the best mortgage scenario to fit her client's financial needs and lifestyle. As a recent homebuyer herself, she loves helping first-time homebuyers understand and navigate the mortgage process. Based out of Newton, MA, Marina, and her team are licensed to help people with their home financing needs in all of New England, NJ, and FL. A graduate of the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, Marina holds a Bachelor's Degree in Marketing. She worked in various marketing roles during and post-college prior to getting her mortgage origination license. She loves putting her skills to use to help her team and business partners with their marketing, tech, and social media needs. Marina lives in Worcester with her fiancé, Kyle, and their yellow lab puppy, Rosie. In her free time, she loves exercising, cooking, traveling, and beach days.

Nicolette Mascari

Metro-West Chapter Leader

Nicolette Mascari didn't find real estate, it found her. Stints on HGTV's House Hunters and House Hunters: Where Are They Now? sparked her interest in the field, laying the groundwork for her first-hand knowledge of home renovation and sharpening her eye for spotting hidden gems in the greater Boston market. But it's her knack for deal-making, negotiating, and out-of-the-box thinking that's rapidly transformed her into one of MetroWest's demanded Realtors®. Energetic, efficient, and effective—she's executed more transactions than many agents with double her experience. With an extensive corporate background at a fast-paced Fortune 100 company, where she managed teams and supported executive-level marketing and communication strategies, Nicolette leverages a keen business sense with a wide network of area contacts. She's tapped into the latest real estate market trends, data, and analytical tools to provide the most comprehensive experience for her clients, with regular insights into off-market properties as well. And she's known for her warmth, wit, and welcoming nature that puts first-time buyers and anxious sellers at ease. A Wayland resident, Nicolette primarily works within Wayland, Sudbury, Framingham, Natick, Concord, and Lincoln, though she routinely travels anywhere her clients have an interest. She's deeply invested in the MetroWest area, passionate about supporting local businesses and grassroots movements, and is a board member and platinum sponsor of the Wayland Children and Parent Association (WCPA). A percentage of every commission goes to the educational and emotional support of her sponsor child in the Dominican Republic. Nicolette lives with her husband, two young children, and Boxer dog. Outside the office, she's often found out on the water, cooking, or entertaining.

Briana Willander

Milton Chapter Leader

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Napa Valley, CA

Dr. Amanda Tracy, ND

Napa Valley Chapter Leader

Dr. Tracy has enjoyed being a licensed Naturopathic Doctor (ND) since 2005. Over 15 years, she helped build this award-winning wellness center and in 2021 she had an opportunity to relocate to Northern California wine country and transition her practice online. She loves helping patients with various health challenges however, her unique knowledge and passion flourishes working with women who feel their bodies are in chaos because of hormone imbalances, sleep issues, stress or anxiety. Her online practice is focused in these areas, serving women in their 40s and 50s so they can navigate hormone changes with ease. Addressing the underlying causes of symptoms related to hormone and neurotransmitter imbalances enables her patients to experience an enhanced life - being more in control of their health, feeling more balanced and energetic in their 40s and 50s than they did in their 20s and 30s! To learn more about Dr. Tracy’s new practice visit

Olivia Austin

Nashua Chapter Leader

Five years ago Olivia left her cushy 9-5 to pursue entrepreneurship with no plan, just passion to bridge the gap between making an impact and beautiful design. Olivia is the founder of Current, a design studio that builds high-converting, scalable brands for coaching, wellness and lifestyle businesses. She is a serial entrepreneur, business mentor and life enthusiast running multiple businesses like mentoring creatives to scale their businesses and a product company, Motive Deck™, affirmation cards for entrepreneurs. Olivia is driven by helping entrepreneurs go unapologetically after their dreams by streamlining big visions and turning them into obsession-worthy brands and businesses. She believes you should wake up every day and do what you love and make money doing it. Through courses, trainings and her podcast, Behind the Design, Olivia’s mission is to help entrepreneurs build thriving businesses and lives they’re obsessed with. Most days you can find her crafting the perfect latte and planning her next adventure at home in New Hampshire with her dog and husband.

Stacy Norris

Nashua Chapter Leader

Stacy Norris is a coach and mentor focused on helping women achieve goals and create more happiness in business, life, and motherhood. Women often turn to her because they feel frustrated, overwhelmed, or stuck in some way and they don’t know how to change things on their own. Stacy blends mindset coaching with big-picture thinking, and a gift for solving problems and creating shortcuts to help women see new possibilities and create life-changing transformations. Stacy has nearly 30 years of combined experience in healthcare and small business spaces which she gained alongside running a household, raising a family, and volunteering in her local community. She holds certifications in life coaching, business operations, and youth etiquette. Stacy’s experience and expertise make her uniquely qualified to understand and support challenges that women face in business, life, and motherhood. Stacy lives in Bedford, NH with her husband and their youngest daughter, who will soon make them empty nesters. Their two older children are grown and living out of state. When she is not working, Stacy enjoys having fun with family, spending time outdoors, and betting the ponies with her husband. The beach is her happy place and Bravo TV is her guilty pleasure. Learn more about Stacy and how she helps at

Neponset Valley, MA

Isa Helena

Neponset Valley Chapter Leader

Isa Helena moved from Algarve, Portugal and grew up in the Boston area. She studied Communications and Marketing at Suffolk University graduating cum laude. With an extensive background in sales, management, and customer service, Isa epitomizes integrity, loyalty, and committed energy to her clients. Isa would be honored to put her real estate experience to work for you. Whether you're in the beginning of your real estate search, know exactly what you're looking for, or looking to sell you'll benefit from having a Realtor® with expertise by your side. When not assisting clients Isa enjoys spending time with her family and traveling. You can also find her practicing yoga, jogging, and snowboarding.

Kathy Fritz

Neponset Valley Chapter Leader

Kathy Fritz is a board-certified master hormone coach who coaches women in perimenopause and menopause to get rid of the weight gain, hot flashes, and sleep & hormonal issues so they can feel like themselves again, regain their energy, and lead a longer, healthier life. Her clients lose weight, rediscover their energy, feel sexy, and stop thinking they're losing their minds. Kathy's background in education gives her the expertise to individualize material so her clients can go from where they are to where they want to be.

Newburyport, MA

Julie Costa

Newburyport Chapter Leader

As a Coach & Hypnotherapist, Julie helps business owners, coaches, and entrepreneurs with clarity, confidence, marketing, money mindset & visibility through the tools of NLP, HypnoBreathwork and Hypnotherapy. As a Trainer, Julie teaches, trains & certifies you in the transformative mindset tools that she uses when working with clients inside of her subconscious mindset coaching certification program, Anchored. Julie combines her years of experience with business development & business strategy with subconscious reprogramming to help you unlock new levels of abundance, freedom, growth, impact & success.

Meg O'Neill


Meg O'Neill is a marketing strategist and community expert. She helps business owners create safe, authentic online communities that convert to meaningful business relationships. Her SAFE Method teaches you to build a sustainable, fun community that feels efficient so you can focus on living your best life. You are invited to join her community, The Board Meeting, to experience it firsthand. Meg also offers templates, systems and strategy to help you create engaging content quickly that attracts your ideal clients. Create your dream community today! You can find Meg at or email her at

Peabody/Danvers, MA

LeeAnne Powers

Peabody Chapter Leader

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Evie Richards-Cashman

Peabody Chapter Leader

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Capital Region, PA

Julie Webb

PA Capital Region Chapter Leader

Julie Webb is Vice President and Director of Risk Services for MPB Financial, a division of Mid Penn Bancorp. In this role, she oversees the firm’s insurance practice. Julie has over 15 years of industry experience holding various leadership positions during that time. Most recently, she was the Regional Vice President for a large insurance agency network with responsibility for the Mid-Atlantic territory. Prior to that, she managed a regional sales and service location for GEICO. Julie holds her Certified Insurance Counselor (CIC) designation. She graduated magna cum laude from the University of Pittsburgh with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and majors in finance and marketing. She serves as a board member for Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Capital Region and enjoys volunteering as a Girl Scout Troop Leader and Classroom Teacher for Junior Achievement. She lives in Hershey with her husband (Justin), 10-year old son (Sam), 7-year old daughter (Ros), and 3-year old Goldendoodle (Lincoln). She loves traveling with her family, strength training, reading, and knitting.

Meghan Eirkson

PA Capital Region Chapter Leader

In 2019, Meg left the world of politics and law to spend more time with her young boys and rediscovered her love of sewing along the way. The combination of math and art, discipline and creativity, and the chance to show intangible love with tangible goods was the inspiration for North Hollow Threads, which Meg started in 2020. Her business is named for her favorite place in central Vermont - the North Hollow, near her family's second home. The heart of North Hollow Threads is to bring joy to the everyday and special - table linens for loud family dinners, travel bags for trips to favorite places, and heirloom quilts for forts with your cousins and snuggling your grandparents. All goods are handmade (with the assistance of a sewing machine of course) in Hershey, Pennsylvania where Meg lives with her husband and sons. Meg is proud to source her materials nearly exclusively from other small businesses run by women and their families. North Hollow Threads goods can be found on her website,, and in Hershey at the Shoppe on Chocolate.

Mallika Malhotra

Portland Chapter Leader

Mallika Malhotra is The Brand CEO, an award-winning branding expert, mentor, speaker, and author. For years, she worked in corporate advertising on big brands like L’Oreal, Oil of Olay, and Hidden Valley Ranch. Now she helps women entrepreneurs master their message, stand out in their crowded market with a powerful niche, and develop brands that are magnetic, memorable and money-making. She’s on a mission to empower women to unleash their expertise so they can achieve leadership and success. When she's not building brands, Mallika is drinking coffee or red wine, reading a stack of books and dreaming about their next global adventure. She lives in beautiful Maine with her husband, 3 sons and mini Bernedoodle, Jax.

Kristen Tripp

Portland Chapter Leader

Kristen Tripp is a lifelong southern Miane resident with a passion for serving her community. Kristen graduated from the University of Southern Maine with a business finance degree, and is currently working on her Masters. Kristen is a local entrepreneur that wears many hats. She is the owner/operator of the DaVinci Experience Science and Arts Summer Day Camp head quartered in Falmouth. After working in the insurance and finance industry for the last five years, Kristen has created a life/financial coaching business called DaVinci Life Design. Kristen is very active in her church community and holds a part time job as the Christian Education Administrator at the Falmouth Congregational Church UCC. Kristen lives in Portland with her husband, dog, and chickens. When Kristen is not working on her various careers, she enjoys working in her gardens, lobstering, hiking, teaching her dog agility, and singing and playing the piano at coffee houses and for her church.

Danielle Cooper

Portsmouth Chapter Leader

As a Realtor, growing up and raising a family in New England has given me the advantage of knowing the local communities and neighborhoods. My prior roles in business and education have helped me to develop the necessary skills to best represent my clients. My mission is to guide you through every facet of the real estate journey to ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience. Raising four boys as a single mother, I know the importance of family and home ownership. I have seen the struggles and successes of first time home buyers and am very familiar with the challenges most young families face when purchasing their first home. I enjoy the opportunity to help families with similar experiences or current challenges in finding a new home, and will work diligently to provide the best experience for my clients. After spending several years living on the Seacoast of New Hampshire and enjoying all that it has to offer, I have returned to Southern New Hampshire to enjoy more time doing what I love most…spending time with family and friends.

Carrie Penna

Portsmouth Chapter Leader

Carrie grew up in Durham, New Hampshire where she resided for 21 years. After receiving her Bachelor’s in Business/Marketing from Stonehill College in Easton, MA, Carrie worked for nonprofit organizations such as Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and San Diego Hospice. In addition to helping others, one of Carrie’s passions is traveling and exploring different countries and cultures. Carrie is active in many women-led groups such as Seacoast Women in Business, Seacoast Women’s Network, Portsmouth Women’s City Club & the Women’s Business League in an effort to share Soul Models mission and work across all ages. Carrie is thrilled to be Soul Models’ first Executive Director, helping to empower young girls in our community to become strong leaders and find their authentic voices.

Readings & Wilmington, MA

Carmelina Bernazani

Readings & Wilmington Chapter Leader

Carmelina is a Personal Risk Specialist with USI Insurance Services. She has been in the Property and Casualty industry for personal lines insurance for over 20 years and has worked in service, sales, and training areas for both local and large agents, as well as a direct carrier. Carmelina’s expertise is to educate and work with clients to complete a personal risk assessment to help identify risk exposures and apply insurance and non-insurance solutions through a consultative and proactive approach. Carmelina understands many insurance markets and through her experience and expertise delivers insurance programs that best meet her client’s needs. Product knowledge includes, homeowners, renters, personal condo, auto, flood, boat, recreational vehicles, domestic workers comp and umbrella/excess liability insurance. She also has expertise in the high net worth arena understanding critical components to complex placement of insurance programs. Carmelina holds a bachelor’s from Salem State College in Business Management, she is a Certified Insurance Counselor with the National Alliance and a Chartered Private Risk Insurance Advisor. In her spare time, Carmelina enjoys spending time with her husband and children Alyssa and Christopher, as well as friends and other family members. She is very active and enjoys skiing, running, boating and golfing.

Katherine Debs

Readings & Wilmington Chapter Leader

Katherine has redefined the word “normal”. Born in Lebanon in the mid-80s, has taught her a thing or two about survival and living every moment of her life to the fullest. Her father being Lebanese and her mother American, gave her a chance to explore different sides of the world. She has since lived in Montreal and Boston. Katherine has a passion for helping others change their life. She went to school and studied International Affairs hoping to one day become a philanthropist and give back to women and children all over the world. Her passion is also to inspire people to thrive and flourish. For years Katherine struggled with various health issues, but it wasn’t till the age of 21 till she discovered healing through holistic medicine. And she vowed to spread the word so that she could inspire others to live a healthier lifestyle. When the Arbonne opportunity was presented to her, it had everything she was looking for; a way to inspire others to make healthier choices every day, to empower men and women to take action, follow their dream, and live their best life, and a way to give back to communities that were near and dear to her heart. Today she is filled with overflowing love and appreciation for all the abundance she has received. She hopes that her young daughters will one day tag along on mommy’s mission trips around the globe. She’s a mother, a wife, an entrepreneur, an inspirational leader, a mentor, and an amazing cook. And she loves every role she plays. She currently resides in Methuen, MA with her husband and daughters Zelda and Jade.

Brooke Elliott

Rock Hill Chapter leader

Brooke Elliott, "Your Champion for Change", is the Founder of BE Complete Coaching & Consulting, LLC. Brooke coaches, trains, speaks, and consults in the areas of Women in Business, Leadership Development & Synergistic Teams, and Dynamic Cultures with a focus on building positive culture and next-level leadership through change. She comes with two decades of experience leading talent initiatives such as learning and development, internship programs, and next-generation leadership teams. Brooke is an Associate-Certified Coach through the ICF and holds certifications in Life Coaching, Executive Coaching, Executive Leadership, Supplier Readiness, and is both a certified Myers-Briggs and HR OD practitioner. She volunteers as Vice-Chair, Organizational Leadership Development for Professional Women in Healthcare, a Project One Mentor, and a York County LaunchPad Coach.

Emily Van Cleef

Rock Hill chapter Leader

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Kelly Wagner

Sarasota Chapter Leader

Meet Kelly Wagner, a driven entrepreneur with a fervent dedication to empowering fellow business owners. In her capacity as the owner of Forecast Sunny Marketing and co-host of the widely acclaimed "And In Heels" podcast, Kelly serves as a catalyst for women entrepreneurs, providing a nurturing environment for them to celebrate their successes and navigate their challenges. Beyond her podcasting endeavors, Kelly leads the team at Forecast Sunny Marketing in seamlessly integrating with businesses. Here, she and her team offer invaluable guidance on a spectrum of crucial areas including marketing strategy, resource management, CRM setup, and budgeting. Whether navigating the terrain of traditional or digital marketing, Kelly's wealth of expertise consistently delivers measurable results and a notable return on investment.

South Shore, Boston, MA

Lucie Wicker

South SHore Chapter Leader

Since 2011, Lucie has been photographing the best of the fitness, health, and wellness community in New England and beyond. As a commercial portrait photographer, she works with active brands creating authentic and compelling imagery for companies of all sizes. She has a BA in Film & Media Arts with a minor in Photojournalism from Temple University and has always enjoyed telling stories through the photos she takes. She loves connecting people and networking with other female business owners so being a member of WBL has been a perfect fit. Lucie was born and raised in Boston (JP!) and thrilled her parents by settling down in the area when her backpacking days were over (or paused - to be continued!). She has lived in Cohasset, MA on the South Shore since 2014 with her husband and two girls. When she's not taking photos, she enjoys exploring nature trails, scouting hidden gem eateries, and getting out on the water as much as possible.

Leah Snowdale

South Shore chapter Leader

Leah grew up on Cape Cod and currently resides with her family on the South Shore. She earned a master’s degree from Suffolk University and spent 12 years living in greater Boston before moving to the suburbs with her husband and two kids. She has strong knowledge of the inner city and surrounding towns, which is very beneficial when assisting her clients in finding the “perfect” place to call home. Leah has a true passion for helping others and has the ability to make anyone she meets feel at ease. Leah’s growing network of loyal clientele is a result of her dedication and longstanding working ethic. Her clients have stated it best, saying, “Leah just gets it!” She has sold condos, single-family homes, and multi-family homes from Boston to Wakefield and down to the Cape, helping everyone from first-time home buyers to investors. Leah enjoys staying active in the community and is a member of the South Shore Women's Business League. Leah strongly values family, so when she is not selling real estate you can find her spending time with her husband and chasing around their two young kids whether it’s in their own backyard or bouncing from t-ball to Taekwondo. Her personal outlet can be found through fitness, as she regularly does kickboxing and Pilates.

Ashley Marbet

St. Pete Chapter Leader

Ashley Marbet is a real estate professional and is licensed with a locally founded brokerage, Preferred SHORE, that serves the luxury and waterfront areas surrounding Tampa Bay. Born and raised in St. Petersburg, Ashley knows the area as a local can — finding the strengths, quirks, and charm of neighborhoods throughout Tampa. Ashley is passionate about connecting her clients with the communities that they live to build long-lasting relationships and services St. Petersburg, Tampa and Sarasota. In her free time, Ashley serves on the City of St. Petersburg, Urban Planning and Historic Preservation Commission, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee at the Pinellas Realtor Organization and Communications Committee at Women’s Council of REALTORS®.

Kristina Pearson

St. Pete Chapter Leader

Infatuated with design and styling from a young age, Kristina Pearson founded Haus of Lola, a boutique interior design firm based in St. Petersburg, FL. Her services range from space planning and design boards to full design and renovations. Mainly focused on residential design and furnishings, she occasionally works with small-scale commercial projects. Pearson also offers e-design for clients throughout the country. Clean lines, bright spaces, and unique details are hallmarks you can expect to see within her designs. Kristina is excited to partner with the Women's Business League to support other female entrepreneurs throughout Tampa Bay. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends, championing museums and the arts, trying new restaurants, traveling, and being a dog-mom to her Maltese, Sybil.

Erica Campbell

Tampa Chapter Leader

Erica Campbell is a dynamic True Blue Title professional who has seamlessly blended her expertise in business marketing with her passion for real estate, creativity, and community activism. A first-place award-winning author from Florida, Erica's innovative approach to the real estate industry includes pioneering realtor caravans and pitch groups, significantly enhancing networking and property showcasing. Her impactful contributions have been featured in the World of Westchase magazine, highlighting her as a trailblazer in her field. Beyond her professional endeavors, Erica is a dedicated mother of two and a loving wife. She delights in creative culinary arts and boating with her family, channeling her love for nature into efforts to protect the local manatee population in nearby rivers.

Christina Cevetillo

Tampa Chapter Leader

As a fellow female entrepreneur, my social media and digital marketing agency focuses on helping mainly women-owned small businesses and all other types of businesses across most industries. We are a boutique agency looking to help grow the brand awareness of amazing business women around the country. I have a background in entrepreneurship and started my career in a young female entrepreneurship summit called Girls with Impact. that program accelerated my interest to become my own boss and here I am today, servicing amazing small businesses across Florida and the country!  

Tri-Town, Boston North Shore, MA

Callie Umenhofer

Tri-Town Chapter Leader

Callie is a full-time North Shore Realtor with a passion for navigating the complexities of real estate and making the process of buying or selling a home a positive experience for her clients. Prior to real estate, she earned her Bachelors degree in Management from Bentley University and spent many years in software & services sales. With her professional background in sales and over twelve years of personal real estate investment experience, Callie brings fierce negotiating skills, industry knowledge, attention to detail and compassion to help sellers get the most for their property and buyers find the home of their dreams. Realizing that this can be an emotional process for most, her top priority is to protect & promote her clients’ interests and provide a highly personalized service with results that all parties can feel great about. A North Shore native, raised in Topsfield, Callie has lived in Georgetown with her husband and two children for twenty years. She has enjoyed volunteering as the Preschool Parents Group President, PTA President and has led the Danvers BNI chapter. When she is not helping her clients realize their real estate goals, Callie enjoys family time, fitness, music, planning events, traveling and growing the Tri-Town Chapter of the Women’s Business League.

Valerie McCormack, Esq.

Tri-Town Chapter Leader

Attorney McCormack is an Estate Planning lawyer, and started her firm in 2018. She graduated from Flagler College in 1998 and from the University of Connecticut School of Law in 2004, where she was the executive editor of the Connecticut Journal of International Law, a member of the Public Interest Law Group and the Student Trial Lawyers Association. Attorney McCormack has experience in estate planning, employment law, family law, real estate, personal injury and other civil litigation. She is admitted to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts bar, the Massachusetts Federal District Court, the Connecticut Federal District Court and the First Circuit Court of Appeals. Attorney McCormack is an active member of the Women's Bar Association and represents pro-bono clients for estate planning matters through the Women's Bar Foundation. She is also an ARAG network attorney as well as a Wealth Counsel attorney. She is the Vice President of the Tri-Town Chapter of Women's Business League, and is also a member of the Essex County Estate Planning Council, Hamilton-Wenham Mother's Club and the Friends of Cutler in Hamilton. She is also on the Finance and Advisory Committee for the Town of Hamilton.

Virtually Elevated

Trayce Gregoire

Virtually Elevated Chapter Leader

Coming soon...

Sharon McEntee

Virtually Elevated Chapter Leader

Sharon McEntee is a leader and mentor in the skincare industry with over 27 years experience in both medical spas and dermatology practices. As the owner of Embody MedSpa in North Reading, MA Sharon uses her expertise to treat clients of all ages, skin types, and conditions with superior regimens and industry-leading skincare solutions. She developed her own medical grade skincare line in 2021, PHI Skincare, to be able to offer clients superior homecare options that are both state of the art and highly effective. Sharon also hosts a lifestyle podcast called "Hustle&Harmony:Finding Balance In The Chaos."

Nichole Chapais

Waltham Chapter Leader

Nichole Chapais started Stargazer after an extensive and varied marketing career. She was initially working in product management and B2B sales at Comcast. From here, Nichole moved into the private sector and went to work for a local, boutique creative agency. In late 2017, life offered an opportunity, and Nichole jumped at the chance to start her agency. Stargazer Creative® opened April 1, 2018. Learn more about Nichole and the Stargazer Creative® team at

Pavlina Atanasova

Waltham chapter Leader

After a decade of helping people simplify and streamline their bustling lives, that work led me to master the art of understanding individual needs, curating experiences, and solving problems gracefully and efficiently. It became clear to me that while I was adept at managing external demands and creating harmonious environments for my clients, it was not the right tool to make lasting and sustainable change in their lives. My curiosity about how to empower individuals to uncover and achieve their fullest potential led me to become a Holistic Life Coach, where I get to guide and partner with clients on their journey toward holistic well-being. Now I work with people who want to turn their aspirations into accomplishments by coaching them through the mental hurdles, providing support and accountability.

Rachael Pawlik

Wells Chapter Leader

Dragonfly Photography is a creative photography service that documents life's moments from the proposal to weddings to newborns to head shots to birthday parties to senior photos. I love capturing all of your life's most treasured times with a creative eye while having fun and making you feel comfortable in front of the camera. I am a firm believer in making the most out of every day you are given. Life is too short to not pursue your dreams and find your happiness. So that is what I have done. The two things I love most about my job are, getting to be a part of someone else's most intimate part of life as I document it for them to share with their family and friends. My other favorite part is when my clients become my friends or they already are! Family is everything to me! My large family uses any excuse to have a party and celebrate. So I feel right at home at weddings. Dragonfly Photography's home base is Wells, ME but services Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts. If your wedding is out of the area I am always excited to travel.

Wendy Irish

Wells Chapter Leader

As the co-owner of two cafes and a full-service catering company, Wendy Irish is a successful entrepreneur in the culinary and events industry, leveraging her mixology credentials, business acumen, and sophisticated style on behalf of brides, corporations, and families from the north shore of Massachusetts to Maine’s southern coast and western foothills. The premise of the operation, appropriately named For The Love of Food and Drink, is that business success comes when you love what you do. And love it she does. Whether putting the finishing touches on the presentation of a specialty cocktail at one of her two Wells, Maine cafes or working over the course of 12-months with a bride on the wedding of her dreams, Wendy thoroughly enjoys getting to know guests and clients, with a particular knack for creating events that truly portray their personality and style -- and that have everyone delighting in customized menus that make each event (and each bite!) feel totally unique. For the Love of Food and Drink is the vision of Wendy and her now-husband and amazing cook, Bill Irish, who met in the early stages of dating and instantly knew they had to combine forces. The rest is history, as they say: The husband-wife duo has successfully expanded from a small mixology and catering company offering backyard weddings to an events planning company and two cafes that, together, employ more than a dozen people and offer a full range of services. The co-founder of her local chapter of the Women’s Business League, Wendy prides herself in collaborating with fellow business owners who also leverage what they love, and has a legacy for cultivating both mutual business partnerships and friendships through genuine connection. When Wendy is not running events with clipboard in hand, she enjoys playing in her flower garden, nurturing her house plants, basking in the sunshine -- and bringing together family and friends over (you guessed it) food and drink.