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It’s the power of connection that delivers results.

Our corporate programs are a game changer for growing your business and developing your leaders. 

Our programs deliver:

Elevated culture:

  • Retain top talent
  • Build community in your company 
  • Increase creativity and self-motivation among employees
  • Permission to innovate

Business growth:

  • Authentic client creation
  • Empower leadership to create strategic business opportunities 
  • Create community around your brand mission
  • The skills to network at a level that creates collaborations, partnerships and prospects



 “Amy and Melissa came in with incredibly infectious energy and enthusiasm. They both did such a great job engaging the audience and providing really helpful information. We walked away with tons of GEMS, giving us the tools to effectively turn ourselves into networking pros. I’m personally looking forward to working with them again in the future!”
 – Michaella E IFundWomen

“I had so much fun collaborating with Amy & Melissa on this workshop for Early Intervention (EI)  and Early Intensive Behavioral Intervention(EIBI) programs on staff recruitment. I appreciate how both, Amy & Melissa were able to follow my vision to ensure this workshop matched the intended audience. Your ability to personalize this training for the Early Intervention system made a world of difference to the participants.”
– Laura C  
Early Intervention Regional Specialist. Department of Public Health


Our corporate offerings come in the form of in person and virtual power hours, workshops, keynote talks, off sites, 1:1 consulting engagements, or a combination customized for you.

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