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Power Hour: Selling with Integrity Based in Motivational Interviewing

October 17, 2022 @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Learn the measurable steps your clients go through before making decisions.

Do you feel sketchy doing sales? In this presentation, Nikolai Blinow, Life Coach and Licensed Mental Health Counselor, will teach you the measurable steps your clients (and people) go through before making decisions. Using this knowledge, you can develop a simple system to speak to your ideal client at each stage of their decision-making process, so that your sales calls feel more organic and less “salesy.” We’ll also cover a super-simple formula that you can use to set up your sales calls to be as motivating for clients as possible.

After this Power Hour you will:

  • Understand the stages of decision-making, and how you can leverage these to develop an anxiety-free sales system
  • Recognize action-steps you can take at each step of the sales process, to stay connected with your clients without feeling “thirsty”
  • Learn how to leverage active listening strategies to ask the right questions, at the right times, so you can help your client seamlessly through sales (and when to JUST STOP TALKING!)
  • Know when it’s okay to say “no,” to a sale, so that you can put your attention into more high-value (potential) clients

Meet Nikolai Blinow:

Nikolai Blinow helps burnt-out, workaholic women in business slow down and create the work/life balance that they crave, without sacrificing their success in the process. She is a life coach and licensed mental health counselor (Rhode Island). Her clinical training is in motivational interviewing, which focuses on how to find the inherent motivation within each of us, and dialectical-behavioral therapy.


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