A Powerful Course for Business Leaders

Invest in yourself, and your business, with our live virtual Unstoppable course for women in business.

A high-touch business experience from the minds behind Women’s Business League.

Unstoppable is a 7-week course, designed to teach motivated business leaders how to break through barriers, and unleash our full income potential in rapid, manageable, and meaningful ways.

Motivate, inspire, and connect with like-minded women in this live online course.

Streamline your success with proven, tactical tools and leading methods from the founders of Women’s Business League as they provide insight into their growth, and help you chart your own in this exclusive fusion of passion, knowledge, and actionable tools.

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Weekly Live Group Coaching Calls + Office Hours with a High Energy Group of Women


Private Coaching Sessions


uplifting exercises, templates, guides + resources with built in accountability

What is the Unstoppable Course?

It's not your average course.

This is a program designed for you to achieve the success you deserve. You will learn how to focus your dream to confidently build your business in alignment. Finally identify and let go of what’s holding you back. Implement key mindset shifts to own the role of CEO of your life and business. Understand the power of your brand to stand out in a crowded market. Streamline your business operations to get time back in your day. Learn how to effectively drive results and build a roadmap for financial success. Amy and Melissa will also share with you their personal secrets to success to propel you forward.

Women’s Business League co-founders Amy Pocsik and Melissa Gilbo have helped hundreds of women build an impassioned, collaborative community All Over The Country.

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Unstoppable is a High-Touch, And Exclusive Virtual Experience Born From A Desire To Empower Female Founders to Grow Their Impact And Their Income.

"I thought this was great. I loved my time with the other women. I thought you both brought amazing energy and exercises that brought so much value. As for a testimonial...Before Unstoppable I knew I wanted to level up my business, but had no real roadmap to make it happen. By working with Amy, Melissa, their guest lecturers and in the community of a group of amazing women, I am now laser focused on what I want and have tangible steps laid out to bring it to fruition. For that I'm forever grateful."
Jennessa Durrani
"You women did a wonderful job on this program. I personally loved the size of the group- we built relationships and shared some vulnerable information that would have been hard with a larger group."
Alicia WIlliams
"Are you Unstoppable? Let me tell you if you aren't now you will be after this program. The thoughtful and passionate time and effort that Melissa & Amy put into building this program shines through in every aspect of the final product. Their knowledge and experience is only out shone by their enthusiasm and commitment to each and every member of the group and our individual success. You will walk away with not only major insight into what is holding you back in your life and business but also with the tools, resources and cheerleaders you need to overcome those obstacles and truly become UNSTOPPABLE!"
Jessica Provencher
"Having a support group of other leaders in other industries has been very beneficial. I felt well supported throughout the program and I liked that it was a small group because we got to know each other's personalities, goals and businesses well. The course helped me re-evaluate my business and goals to create steps towards my dream life. It was inspirational and practical."
Amanda Tracy
"I really enjoyed the set up and found that each week the topic that came up flowed right from the topic the week before. There was a lot of thought put into how Unstoppable built upon lessons from the week before, week after week. I really liked how each exercise had me stopping to dig into how I wanted to feel in order to help me figure out where I want to put my energies to continue to grow my business the way I want to grow it. Also, I really loved all the swag. It was so great to get my first box and feel connected to everyone through that and then the continued fun things that I found in my mailbox or on my doorstep helped to make me feel like we were all together even though we were on Zoom. Overall my experience was excellent and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to invest in themselves to get to their next level in business and in life."
Meagan Sousa
"I absolutely loved the Unstoppable course. The women, the content, the rawness. EVERYTHING. I learned so much about myself, my dreams, my business and what has been holding me back from creating the life I truly desire."
Kirstin Dawson
"This program was such an eye opener for me. Over the 7 week course I gained so much knowledge about myself and what my business is capable of becoming. Visioning the biggest dream possible for my life and my business then working backwards from that point to road map was incredible. It really made a huge impact on my success and progress so far. I also realized that self doubt, unsureness, and simply not knowing how to approach different parts of running my own business was exactly what others are going through in their own way and with a few of the right tools under my belt I could conquer them. It is how we handle those issues or road blocks and what we do to turn them into an opportunity for growth through making informed, concise decisions and keeping that dream in focus everyday that makes us Unstoppable!"
Donna Sovie

Join a high energy vortex of bold women. Transform your business - you deserve it.

Learn more about our Dynamic instructors for our 2022 course.


Amy Pocsik

CEO and Co-Founder
Amy's passion is helping women build businesses that are highly profitable and make a positive impact in the world. Amy’s superpower is working with female entrepreneurs and business owners to identify – both the challenge points and high points - so they can exponentially increase their success. Amy partners with female founders to make an impact, helping them own the role of CEO - professionally and personally. Because she knows what it was like to be in the opposite position, unfulfilled and longing for more. That’s why she made it her life’s work to make sure every woman is empowered to achieve a bold vision for her life and business.

Melissa Gilbo

CEO and Co-Founder
Melissa wakes up everyday excited to help women who are passionate about pursuing their dreams, so they can make an income AND an impact. Her passion is energizing and supporting women to take action in building their dream life. She's proud to be the founder of an organization that is making waves, changing lives and helping women in business achieve their next level.

Her message to female founders, women entrepreneurs, business owners and dream chasers—it is possible.

Nicole Roberts Jones

Nicole Roberts Jones is uniquely gifted at one thing – drawing out what’s best in YOU and helping you take your Brilliance to The Bank. A veteran of the entertainment industry, Nicole worked in Talent Management and Casting before shifting her talents to help others Bankroll Their Brilliance. She now works with entrepreneurs to build an empire from their expertise.

No woman left behind.

Just because we’re in charge doesn’t mean we have to do it all alone.

As business leaders, we’re never done learning and growing. Thriving is all about staying hungry, adapting to change, and finding the best path for us. It’s about showing up excited, staying passionate, knowing our strengths, and using them. And when we do it together, we can accomplish anything. 

2022 we are READY for you because we are  unstoppable!


Unstoppable is for women who want to grow their income and their impact.  It’s for committed small business owners and those who generate and care for their own clients such as financial advisors, realtors and mortgage professionals.  It’s for women with an entrepreneurial spirit who want to serve to their fullest potential.  

Unstoppable is designed to help you break through barriers and successfully grow and scale your heart-centered business.  To show up fully and reach new heights personally and professionally.

The Unstoppable Experience is incredible, but it isn’t right for everyone.

Our program isn’t right for those looking for advice on how to start a business.  We will not be covering legal set up, tax structures, raising capital, manufacturing or sourcing. 

Unstoppable is for those who understand that building an incredible business takes focused determination and consistent action over time.  This program is not intended to be a “quick fix.”  Rather, we will share proven methods, tools and practices that will yield results when consistently implemented.  

Our program isn’t right for you if you’re not willing to put in your best effort.  While we designed the content to be easily implemented, it’s up to you to take full advantage and make it happen.  

This is not the program for those looking for one-on-one coaching. Unstoppable is a high-touch experience that is structured so that participants can not only learn from the instructors, but also their fellow participants.  If you’re interested in one-on-one coaching, please email Info@WomensBusinessLeague.com

Yes, WBL members can email Info@WomensBusinessLeague.com for a $250 discount code.

Yes, we offer a pay in full option and a payment plan option during checkout.     (no refunds)

We will come together weekly via zoom.  All course materials and group chat will be in an easy-to-use collaboration tool called Basecamp.  Your log-on details will be provided in your welcome kit.

Unstoppable starts on Monday, March 7th, 2022. 

Live weekly group coaching calls every Monday at 10am est. (*these sessions will recorded and shared in the event you miss a meeting)

Live office hours each Wednesday at noon est.(not recorded)

Two 1/2 hour private coaching sessions to be scheduled.

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A high-touch business experience from the minds behind Women’s Business League.

7 Weeks
Member Price $2,247 (using discount code)
Non Member Price $2497


A high energy virtual training program that teaches proven tools, methods and strategies to women who want more income and greater impact from their business.

At the end of this 7 week experience, you will know how to confidently create the life and business you’re excited and proud of.  You’ll walk away with a clear vision and a path forward.  Some of the key takeaways in this course will be:

  • How to break through barriers
  • How to step into the role of CEO of your business and life
  • How to create an Unstoppable brand
  • Streamline your business operationally
  • Design your business for financial stability and greater income
  • Guided implementation and a plan for the next 30, 60 & 90 days

And of course, in true WBL style, you will be spoiled and celebrated throughout the entire 7 week course.


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Unstoppable is an exclusive business experience designed by the fearless leaders of Women’s Business League

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