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Tell us about YOU!!  I own JennyB designs, a web design studio in Reading. We work with female CEO’s who are busy running their business and managing their teams and are ready to scale. We do this by building strategic and beautiful websites that are designed to book more idea clients and make money.

What makes you different/stand out in your industry? I love simplifying the process and creating strategic but also beautiful websites that reflect your unique brand personality!

What do your clients love about you?  Clients love my simple process and how organized my projects are. I guide my clients from start to launch — while infusing as much joy and ease as possible!

What is the best advice you can share with others? My best piece of advise is progress over perfection. We as entrepreneurs sometimes wait too long to get things out into the world, until they are “perfect”. But I think you just got to make things happen, even if they aren’t 100% and get the momentum going.

How has the Women’s Business League helped you?  I’ve found a wonderful, caring group of women who truly support me as I go through this journey.

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Jenny Belanger

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