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Tell us about YOU!!  Just call me ‘Your Business Hypnotherapist’! I help business owners, coaches & entrepreneurs master their mindset through the power of Hypnosis & HypnoBreathwork so that they can master their business & accelerate their business results. I live in a small coastal town north of Boston, I love breakfast sandwiches and fun fact … my mini Golden Doodle pup, Sammy, is actually named after my obsession with breakfast sammies! At one point in my coaching business, I found myself feeling burnt out hopping from coach to coach and course to course trying to find the secret strategy to unlock my business success. I stumbled upon hypnosis & subconscious reprogramming and once I did, everything shifted for me both personally & professionally. You see, any business strategy will truly work for you. It’s not the strategy, it’s the limiting beliefs & thoughts that pop up in our head over & over again that hold us back. Once you reprogram your subconscious for success, the sky’s the limit and that’s how I support you!

What makes you different/stand out in your industry?  There are 2 specific ways that I stand out in my industry. I not only have the “helping others” mindset, I have the “business mindset” and background so when it comes to helping my clients who are business owners, coaches, entrepreneurs and service based providers, I’m able to blend my background in strategy and subconscious  reprogramming to truly set them up for success in achieving their goals. I also am a big fan of embodying your work. I’m always doing some sort of subconscious reprogramming on the daily basis such as listening to hypnosis audio or subliminal audio. It’s really important for me  to embody the work that I do in order to be my best for my clients.

What do your clients love about you? My clients share with me all of the time that they feel like they’ve known me for years and that I create an inviting and safe space to not only work together, but for them to grow. My goal is that all of my clients feel safe and welcome, and for me, that is the biggest compliment to receive.

What is the best advice you can share with others? As your business hypnotherapist, my best advice is to start super charging your success by working directly with your subconscious, get it onboard with your goals! Once you start working with your subconscious, achieving your goals becomes a lot easier.

How has the Women’s Business League helped you? I am so happy that I finally joined Women’s Business League! WBL has helped connect me to both local women in my community and women in other states. I have made incredible connections, have sent referrals to others as well as have received referrals and have gotten more business & clients due to the connections made in WBL!   

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Julie Costa

Founder of Julie Costa Coaching & Hypnotherapy