Kim Ravida | Owner of Kim Ravida Coaching

Tell us about YOU!!  (Who are you & What do you do?) I am Kim Ravida, my company is Kim Ravida Coaching. I am a business coach who works with solopreneurs and small business owners. I help my clients create clarity for their marketing, attract amazing clients to serve, and establish solid operating and productivity systems so that they have more success in their business with grace and ease.

What makes you different/stand out in your industry? What makes me different in my industry is that I help my clients know exactly who they are, what they offer and have confidence in their decision making to create the business they desire. I help eliminate the overwhelm of figuring out what to do next and get my clients making solid decisions to then begin taking action on what will get them to where they want to go. I help them be themselves so that they stand out in amazing ways.

What do your clients love about you? My clients love that I partner with them in a powerful yet compassionate way. And that I take their wants and needs into consideration to help them work those into their business so that they have a business and a life that supports them and one that they love. They love that I’m there with them every step of the way and they don’t feel as if they are doing this all alone.

What is the best advice you can share with others? The best advice I can share with others is to be yourself. Do what feels good to you, even if no one else is doing it. You’ll have more success when you step into your unique brilliance and show up authentically and true to yourself and what you want. People will gravitate toward you in more ways than you can imagine. You are unique and brilliant just by being yourself.

How has the Women’s Business League helped you? The Women’s Business League has helped me in so many ways. It has helped me, as a business owner, increase my self-confidence, create comradery with amazing women business owners and learn new skills to help move my business forward. The founders, Amy and Melissa, are masters at bringing together a group of women and making each one of us feel special. They are true leaders. I’ve made friends, had referrals for new clients and have a place where I feel supported every step of the way.

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Kim Ravida

Owner of Kim Ravida Coaching