Meghan Kinsey | Owner of Motivate® Barre•Cardio•Nutrition

Tell us about YOU!!  (Who are you & What do you do?)  Meghan has enjoyed being athletic her entire life. Throughout her younger years she enjoyed a competitive running career. As running left with her with a nagging injury, she tried various methods of staying in good physical shape although she never found a true fit until barre. After the birth of her third son in 2006, she stumbled upon barre and found an exercise program that was complete and transformative. She fell in love. Rather than just staying a student of barre, Meghan became certified in A to Z Method in 2008 and then Rasamaya Barre in 2011. She has been actively teaching group sessions and privately in Newburyport for over 15 years. Meghan enjoys teaching her students the way movement, music and breath can align and change you…..mind, body and spirit. (She is often accused of having a little too much fun while instructing her students.) In addition to motivating her students, Meghan is wife to her husband, Brent, and mother of three sons. Out of the studio, Meghan has a Masters in Teaching, was a classroom teacher, a Bradley Method® Childbirth Educator, and a former City Councillor in Newburyport. In addition to multiple barre and fitness certifications, Meghan is an IIN Health Coach. Motivate.® is one community with two studios in Amesbury and Rowley, Massachusetts. We health coach virtually and have clients all over the country!

What makes you different/stand out in your industry?  Motivate® is truly an extension of Meghan. It is full of humor, happiness, optimism and hard work. It doesn’t take itself too seriously. It loves community and relationships and truly believes that part is just as important to health and wellness as exercise and good nutrition is.

What do your clients love about you?  Meghan makes entirely too many jokes when she teaches. She likes to keep her clients laughing through plank and push ups. Additionally, she loves to use good music to motivate her clients which seems to make everyone happy!

What is the best advice you can share with others?  Meghan’s best advice is to not get overwhelmed when considering how to improve your health and wellness. Rather, make small, incremental changes. Pick one thing and attach it to a habit you already have and work on that for a week or two before trying something else. For instance, as we age we need to work on our balance. Her father was just asking her about this. So now she has him balancing on each leg for 30 seconds as his morning coffee brews. No balance, no coffee. Additionally, if you are trying to add exercise to your regimen, she recommends doing it with a friend. When friends come to Motivate® together, they have a much higher rate of success of meeting their goals to make it part of their regular schedule. They don’t want to disappoint the other.

How has the Women’s Business League helped you?  Women’s Business League has helped Meghan to begin networking outside of her normal connections. When life gets busy, it is something she often ignores. But the regular WBL meetings and learning opportunities have helped Meghan stay connected and have helped her move towards some of her business goals which have been back-burnered for too long. It has also created a whole slew of new clients and members for Motivate® which of course helps her business!!

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Meghan Kinsey

Owner Motivate® Barre•Cardio•Nutrition