Nichole Chapais  | Owner of Stargazer Creative

Tell us about YOU!!  I’m an ice coffee addict who loves spending time in the kitchen. I was born + raised in Maine but am Italian to the core so if I am not making pasta its a hearty New England dish. I grew up obsessed with TV commercials. Trying to figure out the target audience and word usage so naturally went to college for Marketing. After graduating from Bentley University I started my career at Comcast. There I drove consumer awareness, engagement, and usage for the Video On Demand + Adult products. As my career path latticed over the years I found myself running a boutique marketing agency and in 2018 I happily started my own company, Stargazer Creative. Stargazer helps businesses standout and shine bright above their competition. I jump in to my client’s businesses using my knowledge, ideas, and energy to execute all the marketing tasks they don’t have time or the desire to do. Think social media management, social media engagement, traditional marketing campaigns, updates to websites. You name it we do it so your customers are engaged with your brand, product, and services while you do everything else business owners + humans with a life need to do.

What makes you different/stand out in your industry? The marketing approach is not one-size-fits-all at Stargazer Creative. Different businesses have different needs and, sometimes, business owners simply need a helping hand. Whether it’s graphic design, tweaking copy, or confirming the right direction, I offer ideas and solutions to satisfy every size need. We can have a quick conversation or build a long-term relationship. Ultimately, my goal is to make them shine.

What do your clients love about you?    My ideas and honesty about how to approach problems are valued by clients. My perspective is also appreciated – I take an outside view of it, as a consumer with a marketing brain. In addition, clients appreciate my flexible approach, including hourly consultations, tasks, projects, and ongoing retainers.

What is the best advice you can share with others?  Spend less time watching others and more time doing you. Seriously, keep an eye on your competition for industry knowledge but don’t worry about what they are doing, trying to replicate them, or comparing yourself or your business to them.

How has the Women’s Business League helped you? Thanks to WBL, I’ve made some amazing connections. Some have taught me new things and given me new ideas, some have become amazing friends, and some have introduced me to clients. However, my best connections are those who have held me accountable and invested in helping me grow my business.

Picture of Nichole Chapais

Nichole Chapais

Owner of Stargazer Creative